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Blorf  [developer] Sep 20, 2016 @ 12:08pm
Better Bombers, Funky Fighters, and Realistic Ramming! v0.7.0
Hi Everyone,

It has been a busy month since the big synergy update. Richard and I both took a staggered week off before the end of summer to get some much needed rest/family time. It was great to recharge, and we are right back at it full force now. It has already been 4 months since our initial Early Access release and there have been huge improvements thanks to your suggestions and support.

The latest patch was all about tuning and fixing high priority quality of life issues. Thanks very much for your understanding on letting us prioritize this vs new features for this push. That being said, a couple of fairly major improvements happened so we decided to call them out.

Fighter Upgrade:
There was a great discussion thread about the problems with fighters and some good solutions to make them better, so we implemented them. Fighters are now a LOT more potent, but also are on a leash. This means that though their range is that of a long range weapon, and you need to be in range to use them. So more boring picking a ship apart for 30 minutes at massive long range with no threat. Get fighters in range, and they go to work, get out of range, and then return home to defend, rearm, rebuild. Bombers do quick heavy damage and then need to return to the ship to rearm, Fighters stay and fight a lot longer, but do less damage. More detail in the notes below.

Ramming Upgrade:
Another hot topic has been ramming. It was fun but overpowered. We didn't want to lose the fun, but we wanted to add a little more realistic risk to the ram. So since ramming is hull to hull impact, we wanted both hulls to take appropriate damage. This means that you as the rammer will now need to be a little more careful what you ram and with what part of your ship. Think of a part's armor as its hardness for the sake of a ram. If a hard nose, hits a soft wing, the wing takes a lot of damage and the nose not much at all. So the ramming is more part based now. Ram with your most armored parts into their least armored parts to do the most damage to them and the least to yourself.

Build Notes:
-Fighters now have limited range to prevent boring ultra long range kiting over long periods of time to take down almost any target. Instead, we want you to now fly near max weapon range and be in some danger while using the fighters, in return, fighters can now do much damage, much more in tune with other large size weapons.

-Bombers and Ion Bombers shoot twice as fast and their bombs do 4x as much damage. They have to reload more often now. Bombers now complete fast/heavy strikes, and then return to the hangar to reload.

-Bomber and Ion Bomber hangars now support 6 fighters instead of 4.

-Shooter Fighters now have 8 per hangar instead of 6.

-Shooter Fighters can now shoot 20 times before reloading (vs 10 before)

-Zapper Fighters can now shoot 25 times before reloading (vs 16 before)

-Shooters now do 3x more damage

-Zappers now do 2.5x more damage

-Decreased fighter build time from 10 seconds to 6 seconds

-Fighters much more careful about damaging parent ship.

-Fighter incidental friendly fire vs allied ships greatly reduced.

-Fighters much better at docking on fast moving ships.

-Bandit hives have 1 fewer strike craft defenders to offset the stronger fighters they now have.

-Fighters don't launch in ship building level

-Fighter bay controls don't clutter ship building level tac pan

-Ramming damages Station cores and Bandit Hives armor AND health now.

-Ramming damage lowered.

-Ramming with high armor parts now does much more damage vs low armor parts

-Ramming damage now reflected back on the rammer as well, but at a lower rate
For most effective ramming, outfit a high armor nose and hit at high speed on low armor parts like engines or wings.

-Fixed round off issue in surrender cargo menu

-Fix for a goon rounding case where it seems you have enough goons but are an arm and a nose short and thus your ship takes slight damage over time.

-If player's current faction destroyed, player now starts their own faction with their existing starbases.

-Zombie respawn pods travel 50% faster

-Fixed respawn pods moving at top speed when game loaded.

-Turned off part size rarity as a rarity factor in trading prices. (was pointless + confusing)

-Fixed fleet training mission if had broken strike craft.

-Missiles prevented from firing in ship building level

-Fixed bug where number of bounties on a captain was dictating the number of chasers.

-Max bounty chasers at any given time is 1 for easy, 2 for normal, 3 for expert.

-Added 15 second safety time after winning a battle where you wont get ganked.

-When not defending their territory, Very large ships won't bother with much smaller ships anymore.

-Removed tactics panel buttons for Fighters/Krule. Not needed anymore with fighter changes and need room for future strike craft updates.

-Save game name length limited to 30 characters to prevent loading failures.

-Captain's friends will not steal from their resource nodes

-Captain's faction members will not steal from their resource nodes.

-Resource nodes become attractive for ransack at variable richness now, not just at 50% full.

-Battles will block any resource nodes underneath them so AI captains can't swipe the contents while you are battling to protect them.

-When the player defeats a captain, they will be afraid of the player for a while so they won't just respawn and come running right back after the player anymore. They take time to build up a bit first.

-Dropping junk parts into space does not create a junk field anymore since they have no value.

-Zombie ships don't take infector ball damage anymore. They are already infected :)

-AI captains, including wingmen, know how to evade area hazards now. Infection clouds, toxic clouds, ion clouds, mass bomb gravity wells.

-Zombies can level up like other captains to keep them competitive.

-AI Captains with positive relations with the player won't run from the player anymore.

-Increased Minigun damage

-Fixed current/reserve strike craft meter on the hud, was misreporting in some cases.

-Fixed rogue menu sometimes appearing when a courier made a delivery.

-7 Star part icon added for the lottery winners

-New battle ring icon for battles involving starbases to better differentiate them. Also visible from high zoom to find trouble spots more quickly.

-Fixed broken off parts being lost forever in all Bandit Hive attacks, including “The Signal.”

-Fixed player strike craft being invincible in the final story mission

-Scavenging bonus defaults to 10% of node total now from 0% so very large nodes don't take forever to scavenge if no one has the scavenging boosting perk.

-Texture optimizations (less memory use)

-Less button lock delay on Faction Members menu (allows faster switching between screens)

-Faster, more subtle menu sweep effect.

-Adjusted game complete text to be more generic, in case you are already playing a sandbox game.

-Added toggle for automatic map target focus in gameplay options.

-Super interesting spelling fixes.

-Custom portrait system for your mothership. Here's how it works.

Custom Portraits
-- File Path --
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\MinMax Games\SPAZ 2\CustomPortrait\ MugShot.jpg

-add a folder called CustomPortrait if it doesn't exist
-texture must be called MugShot.jpg
-texture must be jpg format
-texture must be a power of 2 texture (512x512, 1024x1024)
-best texture size 512x512

Moving Forward:
For our next update we will be conducting a major rework of the Strike Craft system. This will include implementing a blue print collection system similar to what we had in SPAZ 1. The mothership will now construct strike craft on its own using Scrap. We will also be adding an all new set of large strike craft as well as new unlockable configurations for the existing strike craft as their stars increase. This will be a pretty major change that will require rewriting some of the game flow and dialogue as well, so it will take some time, but we think the end result will be a really exciting addition to SPAZ 2.
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alveolate Sep 20, 2016 @ 12:18pm 
wow you guys did all that during the summer break?? AMAZING LOL.

the balances look spot on, thanks for that! although the scarier zombies might make me freak out a bit. also, i can't believe you read our crazy thread on fighters lol. i am so happy you took the range suggestions :)

supremely hyped for the strike craft update now!
gonna try that right now!
Nighty Sep 20, 2016 @ 1:04pm 
No, Blorf, we hate thou!, why?, why zombies don't take infection damage whyyyy, oh com'on, please?, give us a button that they take damage~ srsly, being low lvl needs it or they are immortal... or give us ability to escape without lossing money?, like..., we and enemy can't kill each other in any way (none losses shields), in this case player is forced to lose money and strike craft by jumping away or load previous save.
⎛⎝Aarki⎠⎞ Sep 20, 2016 @ 1:17pm 
So has ramming been nerfed across the board, or will high armor noses actually deal even more ramming damage than you could ever do before? Would love to see a ramming attachment that deals even more damage on close contact, like a chainsaw or blade part for your nose.
Blorf  [developer] Sep 20, 2016 @ 1:28pm 
Ramming damage was lowered in general, but now more of it happens as the damage is reflected back from the collision. So each collision has ship A damage applied and ship B damage applied to both ships in relation to the armor of the piece being hit.

Damage has increased significantly when hard hits soft. So now if you aim, you will likely do more damage, but if you don't you will do less and probably hurt your ship.

How it works is that the armor of a part is kind of like its ramming power (current armor, so shredded parts with lower armor ram less well) Anyhow lets take a shiny new nose with 200/200 armor. For simplicity we will say both ships have the same mass, though mass plays a role and the more massive ship does greater damage to the lighter one. We hit a wing with 50/50 armor. Ship A does 20% of its armor damage to ship B, due to mass and relative speed. This is also reflected back at about 66%. So Ship A takes 26 armor damage, and Ship B takes 40 armor damage. However the other side of the hit is also taken into account. The squishy wing does 20% damage to A (10 damage) and about 7 damage to itself.

So from the hit: Ship A loses 36 armor, and Ship B loses 47 armor (juuuust about breaking off)

Ship A's heavy armor gave it a lot more punch vs ship B and also a lot more "health" to soak armor damage.

Now if you want to ram stuff, it is important to build a ship that is good at ramming. Have at least one heavily HEAVILY armored nose, maybe 2. As you see your nose armor damaged, back off and let the crew repair it a bit, you will notice the black marks go away over time. You can also see the armor state in the tacpan.
hello (darkness) miners my old friend. havent you told me about that heavily armored nose about yours? what, it even has these new shiny fighters on board? is there any chance, that it is still for sale?
kevinagillihan Sep 20, 2016 @ 2:03pm 
Thank God for the Super interesting spelling fixes! Seriously though these are great fixes and you guys are awesome. All that needs to be said.
Scorcher24 Sep 20, 2016 @ 2:11pm 
With custom mugshots being a thing, can you guys put in an option use our Steam picture? Should be straightforward to snag it from our profile.

And good to hear you guys are back with batteries recharged and didn't pull a Samsung.
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Dune0z Sep 20, 2016 @ 2:14pm 
This sounds AMAZING, and the next update only builds more hype! keep up the good work you loveable ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s! <3
jruderman Sep 20, 2016 @ 3:16pm 
"Added 15 second safety time after winning a battle where you wont get ganked."

What is this about? Is it 15 seconds in the battle or on the map?

"-Max bounty chasers at any given time is 1 for easy, 2 for normal, 3 for expert."

Listed twice in patch notes.

"-If player's current faction destroyed, player now starts their own faction with their existing starbases."

How can your faction be destroyed if you're still in it and still own a starbase? Are players in particular prohibited from becoming the new leader of a faction?

"-Less button lock delay on Faction Members menu (allows faster switching between screens)"

Good change, but I think I'd still prefer tabs so I can switch directly to any of the 8 lists of captains.
kevinagillihan Sep 20, 2016 @ 3:51pm 
Ok did I miss something? I took on a bandit hive (lv 45) and my ship (lvl 120+) could not kill the station??!! It regenerates it's armor. Also when you do get the armor down to 0 the armor bar turns grey and a few seconds later it has 100% armor back!!! I tried 2 times and couldn't destroy it. What is up with that????
Sire Sep 20, 2016 @ 3:52pm 
One thing I was always confused about ramming is how ramming works with shields (and overshields).

I usually ram when I have shields and the enemy does not, resulting in what is percieved to be a "safe ram" as I just lose shields instead of damaging my ship while damaging the enemy.

I do not ram with the enemy ship has shields as I see no real benefit of it (although every now and then it is somewhat effective at bursting down shields, but I prefer using anti-shield weapons instead).

Lastly, if both shields are down, I typically do not ram so I can protect my ship.

So, the question again, how exactly does ramming work with shields (and overshields too)?

* * * * *

As for the update, it looks good! I look forward to seeing how the zombies play out with these changes. Keep up the good work!
Blorf  [developer] Sep 20, 2016 @ 4:15pm 
Originally posted by kevinagillihan:
Ok did I miss something? I took on a bandit hive (lv 45) and my ship (lvl 120+) could not kill the station??!! It regenerates it's armor. Also when you do get the armor down to 0 the armor bar turns grey and a few seconds later it has 100% armor back!!! I tried 2 times and couldn't destroy it. What is up with that????

Could you please send us a save with this happening? Here are some instructions:

It is possible something went haywire in the build, but we did test a few bandit hive battles. It is also possible that you may need to verify file integrity and something went wrong in the transfer. Here is how to verify files:

Please let us know if the file integrity check doesn't work and if so, please send that save file so we can fix the issue.

Edit: We have been trying to reproduce this, but nothing so far. One thing Richard mentioned. By the armor bar, you may be looking at the capacitor indicator. The bars on a targeted object go: Capacitor, Shield, Hull. If you are seeing the top bar empty, that is actually its capacitor, meaning it is unable to shoot at that time.
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jruderman Sep 20, 2016 @ 4:17pm 
I like the distinct pending-battle marker for starbase attacks. You could further distinguish them by using a different word than "fight" around the ring, such as "assault".
Blorf  [developer] Sep 20, 2016 @ 4:18pm 

Ramming works such that there is shield to shield contact or ship to ship contact, but there is no shield to ship contact. Ships pass through shields as you will notice when they ram. A shield to shield ram is actually an effective way to take down a ships shields as it does decent damage. Ships are coded such that they pass through shields by design. We don't want a super shielded safe ramming ship because that then guards the ship from all damage in all cases which isn't balanced. Instead, if you make the choice to ram, you need to build your ship for it.
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