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DIT  [developer] Dec 20, 2013 @ 12:02pm
Update 1.6 Changelog
New Version: LINUX
BAM! Yes. Also consider it almost a beta.

New Playable Ship: The Overseer
The last of the Amgarr race free of the influence of the Keepers, the Overseer has joined the Mizan forces to avenge her lost people and destroy the common foe.

In combat the overseer is fast and deadly, but has low armor and very short shield on her special weapon.
She heavily relies on wraiths for damage and survivability. Her special weapon builds up quicker then the other ships, but has to be properly timed to maximize its potential.

Primary Fire: Particle Beams
Her ancient bio-core emits twin beams of hypercharged particles able to disintegrate both biotech and human armor.

Special weapon: Wraiths
Focusing her fury, the Overseer unleashes a powerful shockwave that destroys enemy bullets and summons psy-wraiths of her fallen brothers.
Psy wraiths follow the overseer and can be used as cover or as a weapon to destory her enemies.

New powerup: Drone Pods
Summons 3 armored drones to fight on your side

New SPECIAL powerup: UnEpic Baby Dragons
If you also own Unepic on Steam, some of your pods (both drones and overseer wraiths) will be transformed into cute, pixelated Baby Dragons from UnEpic.
Baby Dragons are tough and shoot fireballs. In space.
Also, you should check your UnEpic game too. If you own Syder Arcade, you can have a WASP from Syder as a pet :)

New challenge level: the Lighthouse
Defend the last bastion of Miza against a brutal pirate assault

New challenge level: the ice canyon
Race against time on the frozen moon of Ymir

New Achievement: in less than twelve parsecs
Reach top 15% of the ice canyon leaderboard

New Achievement: piracy is not the problem
Reach top 15% of the lighthouse leaderboard

New Achievement: you dont' have to be pretty to kick ♥♥♥
Complete the campaign with the Overseer

Changes and fixes

- top high score achievements are now granted to players reaching the top 15% instead of only the first one

- changed visuals of Mule bullets and generic side/rear shot weapons
- Grinder fire has now more intense bursts, but an increased pause between attacks
- Grinder bullets are now slower, but have slightly better homing

Jelly spores were uninteresting, so we changed them a bit.
- Jelly spores are bigger, on average
- Jelly spores have slightly less health
- When killed jelly spore may release a slowing jelly bullet that dies after few seconds
- Slow amount when colliding with a jelly spore has been reduced by 50%

- Spike spore bullets are now sligthly slower

- Bio-Warheads fire rate increased

- Stingers shoot earlier once on screen
- Stingers fire rate has been reduced

- Stinger Aces shoot earlier once on screen
- Stinger Aces rotation speed is now slower
- Stinger Aces bullets are slower
- Stinger Aces fire sligltly less bullets per burst
- Stinger Aces have 5% less health
- Stinger Aces are now worth 200 points instead of 150

- Pirate turrets pause a little bit longer between bursts

- Player ship no longer collides with allied units.

Level changes:

- the road not taken:
- asteroids are now worth 50% of their score

- starship down:
- allied gunships are now closer to the vertical center of the level

- unifinished business:
- small changes to destructable obstacles and powerup placement
- allied fleet advance is now faster

- the storm:
- boss wave spawn does not drop score powerups anymore. No more farming that last boss on Pure :P
- scout score value has been decreased
- scout bullet starting speed has been decreased

*** As a final note, after a few days we are going to reset all the leaderboards ***
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Mr. Stimpson Dec 20, 2013 @ 1:16pm 
Thank you so much for this massive update! This great game just got better!
Gordholm Dec 20, 2013 @ 1:27pm 
HaVoK308 Dec 20, 2013 @ 11:42pm 

Appreciate the continued support. Adding new content without micro-transactions?! Refreshing.:RogueChicken:
M Dec 21, 2013 @ 11:44am 
I've been playing the Ice Canyon (Frozen Canyon) level like 20-30 times, trying to get the leaderboard achievement. It was working normally, now the enemy just don't show up. I've tried to restart the game, verify the game cache but it's still not working. Do I have to collect enough powerups to make it appear or is something wrong here?

I'm playing on Pure difficulty and VGA640 gfx, with the Dart ship, not sure if it's related to this issue though.

*EDIT: Did a few more games and I think something's wrong in this part of the map (See image 1 below), if I go up too much there's a chance that the enemy won't show up, but it works fine if I take the lower path.

image 1[]

*EDIT 2: Ok, enemy killed, I return to the left part of the map, got a message but then the game started to freeze every couple of seconds, and the HUD was gone (See image 2 below), I tried to crash myself but the ship was like 'noclip mode enabled' so I couldn't kill myself, I had to force close this game by the 'Ctrl-Alt-Del' method. After that I tried to play this level again, kill the enemy and go back to the left, this time I did not receive any message for completing the mission, and I had to force crash myself to end the game.

image 2[]

**EDIT 2-1: The ending message not showing is similar to enemy spawn, it will only appear on certain points, but after the message I'm still getting freeze/HUD issues and couldn't kill myself / upload score.

***EDIT 2-2: I think the message should be popped immediately after the enemy is destroyed, for me it only popped when I go back to the left part, I'm guessing it's glitched for me.

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Plaid Dec 21, 2013 @ 12:49pm 
Pong [Linux] Dec 21, 2013 @ 7:28pm 
Well, the "Dodge This!" achievement doesn't seem to work:

"Play for an extended period of time without getting hit"

Or what does "extended period of time" mean? 1 hour??? :toxictitan:
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