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himirocu Sep 13, 2015 @ 12:07pm
List of Gem Upgrade (Not finished)
So this is a list of what each Gem does to each station. This list is still being made so if there is a combinaiton that is not listed feel free to add to it.
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himirocu Sep 13, 2015 @ 12:12pm 
Here are the combos I have used myself. I really like the Power and Beam combo.

The Power Gem
Gun: makes more rabid fire
Engine: get two boosts
Shield: Larger and wider
Yellow Gun: Shoots targeting missles
The Beam Gem
Gun: Makes the gun a rail gun. Goes through enemies.
The Metal Gem
Gun: ball in chain you throw.
Engine: lay mines as you go.
Shield: heavier stronger shield.

Power + Beam
Gun: Rabid Fire rail gun
(💕) Pink Lily Sep 13, 2015 @ 1:24pm 
Here's a few more I tried:
Shield+Beam= a small beam shield that reflects attacks
Shield+Metal: instead of an energy shield you now get an orkish looking slab of metal to spin round the ship ;P

Engine+Power+Metal: speed + you still drop mines in the wake

Yamato+Metal: Creates a huge buzzsaw that spins round the ship

Turret+Beamx2: adds a 2nd railcannon on each turret
Turret+Beam+Metal: Ball on lazer chain
Turret+Power+Metal: Turrets now shoot one large missile that you can steer into targets after firing
Starfly [GER] Sep 15, 2015 @ 10:51am 
My complete list. I hope i remembered everything correct :-)

Beam - railgun (pierces, good dmg, slow rate of fire)
Might - as the basic gun but with higher rate of fire
Metal - a morning star, i dont like it as it isnt reliable enough.

Beam+Beam - a railgun which fires two times. Solid choice.
Beam+Metal - as the morning star, but additionally powers up and releases 3 railgun-shots (one in each direction, none in the direction to the ship) on button release. Covers a good area.
Beam+Might - ultra high speed railgun, but with far less dmg. turning while firing is slow, but normal when not firing. Good, but I dont see much improvement over the normal Might gun.
Might+Metal - a single rocket which can be controlled. Firing while moving the rocket accelerates her very much, but wont let you control her anymore. Has a small explosion radius. Pretty good.
Metal+Metal - two morning stars, pretty good and covers much area. Try sweeping them left and right for an enormous coverage and range.
Might+Might - like the Might gun, but even faster.

Might and Might+Might - shield gets bigger. Shield is inactive while moving it but moving is fast.
Metal - shield becomes larger (I think the same like the might ones). It stays active while moving the shield, but moves slower. I like the might ones more, because its not hard to stop moving the shield for a sec when a bullet is about to hit you and you often want to move the shield fast from one side of the ship to another. Maybe the metal increases collision dmg?
Beam - the shield becomes very small but reflects the bullets. Can be useful, as the shield can be used as a indirect weapon while still giving a small defense.
The other combos work like you would guess.

Yamato Gun:
Metal - a giant saw circles around the ship. quite fast, covers 360°, but the very limited range renders it useless imho.
Beam - a giant beam with infinite (enemies off screen always invincible I think) range circles the ship, quite slow, covers 120°. Nice damage. I like it, because it reliably clears his sector, so you just cover the left sectors with your guns/shield.
Might - a lot homing missles are released. Only had them a short time, but they seemed very useful.
Might+Might - even more homing missles.
Metal+Metal - like Metal, but with two smaller saws circling the bigger one which nets in a bigger radius. Circles the ship twice (720°). Very good as a mix of offense and defense because its radius is finally big enough to hit something and as it's circling the ship twice it can kill many bullets.
Beam+Beam - 3 giant beams rotate around the beam that would be released from the "Beam"-Yamato (think of it in 3D). Covers a bit more than the 120° because the beams rotate.
Metal+Beam - Like the "Metal", but the arm which holds the saw extends and retracts. It covers more,... and less. Sometimes, some enemies near your ship slip under the extended saw.
Might+Beam - the Yamato gun fires Railguns in all directions while rotating. Circles around 120° or 180° i think. Pretty nice, but not reliable enough for me.
Metal+Might - some sawblades are shot which ricochet off walls, maybe enemies. One of the worst imho.

Might - the engine gets two boosts which recover quickly. Whenever you thrust, a boost ...erm boosts you a bit. Not very much on the first look, but my girlfriend is very good manouvring with it =)
Metal - you drop little spiky mines while driving (they dont damage you). Also really useful.
Beam - you engine charges while you accelerate. after two or so seconds you can release the button to fire a railgun-like shot from you engine.
Might+Might - 4 boosts.
Might+Beam - as long as you accelerate a medium long flame/beam comes out of your engine which does small damage to everthing it touches, but is great for killing bullets while manouvering. Needs maybe a second to start the flame/beam-thingy.
Might+Metal - 2 boosts, but every boost additionally releases a fan of 4 mines.
Beam+Metal - while accelerating your engine charges, after maybe 2 seconds you can release your button to fire a straight line of around 10 mines.
Metal+Metal - like "Metal" but you drop two mines each tick.
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Lipedal Sep 23, 2015 @ 10:13am 
Awesome list, Starfly! The Metal+Might Yamato was the only one I haven't seen in game yet.

As for the shield, there's Beam+Metal which makes for a weird organic shield that's very fun to use. Every projectile you manage to reflect is absorbed and turns into a metal shield part. It keeps growing like a tree, until you hit an enemy or a wall with these additional parts, and then they drop off after doing their work as a regular shield.

It's pretty fun, be sure to try it out :D
LupisLight Sep 24, 2015 @ 10:19am 
Shield Beam/Power makes a double-reflector shield - it duplicates incoming projectiles as it reflects them.
ackmondual Aug 20, 2016 @ 2:18pm 
Thanks for posting y'all!

For the beam+metal ENGINE, you can change the direction of the engine while it's firing and spread them out slightly. So like a slanted line relative to the engine

beam + YAMATO is nice where the lasers can penetrate walls. For one level, I was able to go through the wrong way of a 1-way door even though the switch was on the other side, but was able to hit it with this!

Metal + TURRET oddly enough can go through certain blast doors. Kill them now with impunity. This can also go through water surfaces

For the power SHIELD, no gems seems to be around 60 degree arc. At double power gems, it covers a wide, 90 degree arc! Makes defending much easier!!
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Wisnoskij Dec 19, 2016 @ 12:22pm 
I just have a few things to add.
One thing missed is the very weird and wonderful beam+metal shield. Instead of reflecting bullets, it absorbs them, making them part of your shield. I only had this upgrade for one boss battle but it seems like your shield quickly turned into a largish club (they stick wherever they land, so it seems possible to have a 360 Degree shield). But when the boss crashed into the shield you went back to normal. So I think it would act like a defensive/offensive club in practice, allowing you to swat enemies who get too close.

The beam+metal morning star it unique and wonderful in that you have a ~360 degree arc of damage potential. The morningstar itself can rap around the ship enough to get well over 180 degrees of death, with the rail gun bullets you can hit things on the opposite side, you have no blind spots, making it the most adaptable weapon in your arsenal.

The double beam turret is really good to have for bosses. Long range, high damage.

The only special attack that seems worth having is the metal, and metalx2. As they are one of the/the only attacks which you do not have to time correctly to matter. When you need a special attack, you never have time to wait 2 seconds for the gun to get into place. And it is in the most dire straights, surrounded by masses of enemies, that the metal saw attack is most useful, typically it kills the entire hoard surrounding you. Most of the other ones are never worth using.

Metal+power guided Missile. Really slow, really hard to use. Probably really powerful in some situation with a very skilled user, but in general horrible and unusable.
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