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Fyst  [developer] Mar 14, 2014 @ 10:25pm
Welcome to Sins of a Dark Age Early Access
Welcome to Sins of a Dark Age Early Access. For the duration of Early Access we'll we tracking bugs, adding and completing features, replacing placeholder assets, optimizing code, balancing gameplay and incorporating as much of your feedback as possible.

The best way to help is to play the game regularly as this provides us with valuable gameplay data, performance data and stresses our systems. Sometimes the worst bugs are the ones that are difficult to reproduce. The more matches played the better our chances of finding and fixing them.

If you would like to be more involved, click the "Forums" or "Official Bug Report" buttons on the bottom right of the opening page. If you lose this page you can always click the Sins of a Dark Age logo at the top left to get back.

The Forums button takes you directly to the official forums which we monitor frequently. Periodically, we will copy certain types of reports to the public bug tracker on GitHub to improve our organization and work flow.

The Official Bug Report button takes you directly to our public facing bug tracker on GitHub where any player can view, edit and add issues. This system is great for the community as they can see what is going on and its great for us because we get a lot of crowd sourced data on what bugs exist and under what conditions they may occur.

For completeness, we also run a private tracker for certain issues that are best kept internal as they may concern unrevealed features, security, confidential material, or excessive amounts of technical detail.

As we make our way through this mass of data we will post patches and content updates regularly so you can see the effect of our collective efforts. Hopefully, most of the updates will be progressive but its sometimes necessary to try something and then modify or remove it. All part of Early Access.

Its also worth mentioning that our frequency of updating can cause issues with Steam. If you ever find yourself unable to login or there is a version mismatch error try completely exiting Steam and reloading.

We look forward to a great Early Access program. Thanks for your support!

Note: Forum moderators and developers will delete any post that contains unrevealed features, confidential material, or any other information that is not ready to be released to the public.
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