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Pegasus 5 SEP 2014 a las 13:14
EAC Problems
i slowly get very angry. I reinstall the game 3 times. Try to start the game with EAC and i only see 49 Servers without EAC, also i cant join EAC Server about ip.
Start the Game without EAC i see over 3000 Server with EAC and without EAC but i cant join EAC Server and get kicked.
I also reinstall EAC but nothing changed.
I also proofed my Firewall and allowed the game to communicate.

Dont know what to do anyway.
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whit30 5 SEP 2014 a las 13:42 
Go to the 7dtd game folder and notice there is a new .exe application there it's the EAC.exe give it admin rights and tell me if that solves your problem. It fixed mine.
Pegasus 5 SEP 2014 a las 13:51 
Ther is no EAC.exe. There is only 7DaysToDie_EAC.exe
I proofed it with admin but it failed.
without EAC i get the message connection failed if i try to login manuell to a VAC server.
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whit30 5 SEP 2014 a las 14:10 
Well - the only other thing to try is making sure it's set under exceptions with your AV software.

And yeah that's the correct .exe I couldn't remember the full name.
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Pegasus 5 SEP 2014 a las 14:21 
I checked it, but there is all ok.
Must be a softwareproblem with Game.
Without EAC i can see all server. With EAC i can only see 49 Server with EAC deactivated.
Seems for me that there are a setting is wrong. I dont understand why its only on my system.
Pegasus 5 SEP 2014 a las 14:40 
I solved the problem. Bitdefender blocked. I do´t know where the problem i disabled firewall for short
whit30 5 SEP 2014 a las 14:43 
oh♥♥♥♥♥♥I totally forgot about that...I was looking on their forums earlier..and yeah some of the biggest issues are from bitdefender and norton. Awesome find. Good luck and thanks for letting everyone know you fixed the problem. Would you please edit the original post with (fixed) and list your fix?
Kikinaak 7 SEP 2014 a las 21:36 
Conflicting "security" apps are paranoid by nature. They want to eb the only things in control and anything else is assumed to be the enemy. We really dont need another punkbuster attitude app causing problems with our system and telling us its for our own good.

How about some simple server side sanity checks?
New item added to inventory? Server check if that item exists in loot range of the player or in a container they are accessing. If not, its an item hack. smack the player.
Player above ground level? Check for solid surface beneath them. If not, they are flight hacking, smack them.
Player moves to coordinates greater than X distance from last coordinates? Tey are speedhacking. Smack their kneecaps.
Player damaged another player? Have the SERVER do a quick line of sight check to target. If not valid, they are aimbotting. Smack their peepee. No need to check for every shot fired, just the ones that do damage, and maybe only eveyr 30 seconds or so.to keep things smooth.

We DONT NEED an external process sniffing around at other runing apps and generally sticking its nose where no dev belongs to do these things.
[Kamu] SMa 11 SEP 2014 a las 12:16 
We've been trying to get in contact with Bitdefender for months. They have a few weird things in their internals, which other anti-viruses don't have. Not much we can do about it other than recommend a different anti-virus.
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