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Hi, I've been meaning to ask this question forever (since A19 came out). Let me preface with this - I am not technical at all, not even close to it :-) My husband and friend are very versed in computers and have tried everything.

So, since A19 came out, something changed with the "field of view" or something. It is very hard to play without getting seasick. I've changed every setting there is, I've had "field of view" up high, and I've had it down low and everywhere in between. Nothing helped. Motion blur is off yet it still looks like it is on. We've tried everything. All of our group has this issue, just some of us can handle it better than others. One of our friends can't even play with us anymore, which really sucks. I can barely play, but after about 1/2 hour I get used to it for the most part, but if I play for a long time I do get "seasick". In A18 it was not like this. We noticed it immediately when A19 was released.

We've also download a mod for "seasickness" or something (not sure what it was, again, not tech savvy, I just download what I'm told to LOL!) but that made no difference.

Has anyone else had this issue? TIA!
(Sorry if this has been asked before)
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Andi Jan 23 @ 2:54am 
I feel you! I encounter the same issue ever since they re-worked the player animations / done something to the player movement. There's just something wonky about it. I've also tried everything.
Alas, my first suggestion was going to be to try a lower field of view. Some people think they’re seeing a blur effect when they’re actually seeing dynamic resolution in action, so try turning that off if you haven’t. Besides motion blur, There’s also depth of field which will cause a blur effect. Press F8 to see your frame rate; I’m guessing something too choppy wouldn’t help.
have you lowered the resolution or settings in general to maximize frame rates? motion sickness happens when the brain expects a certain smoothness and the eyes see something different. my only suggestion other than lowering settings until that smoothness occurs is motion sickness pills.

Out of curiosity do you enjoy roller coasters? If they make you queasy it might mean you are prone to motion sickness.
Tahnval Jan 23 @ 8:30am 
I've been trying to think of something you (plural you - you and your husband and friend) haven't tried, which is difficult because I don't know what you haven't tried.

The only thing I can come up with is synchronisation of refreshing between the graphics card and the monitor. Given the performance issues with 7DTD, it definitely can matter. Do you know if your hardware supports adaptive sync? It needs support from the monitor and the graphics card drivers. Personally, I have adaptive sync and vertical sync globally on in the driver control panel and vertical sync always off in every game's settings. That seems to work best for me.

(EDIT: Adaptive sync is also known as G-sync and Freesync. Those are the names that nvidia and AMD gave to their implementations of adpative sync. So they're all adaptive sync).

You say you're not technical at all, so I'll put in a bit of explanation. Adaptive sync changes the refresh rate of the monitor to match what the graphics card is capable of generating. People generally perceive that as being better motion than having the monitor refreshing at one rate and the image changing at a different rate. Vertical sync on its own delays the monitor update until the next image is available from the graphics card (EDIT: and the next update cycle of the monitor at the fixed refresh rate occurs). That prevents tearing but can result in wildly varying displayed framerates. People generally perceive that as worse motion and it might trigger motion sickness in some people.

When you were experimenting with different field of view settings, how long did you try each setting for? I find a change in FOV settings more disconcerting than whatever the setting is, within a fairly wide range. It takes me a little while to get used to a new FOV setting, even if that setting is better for me than what it was set to before.
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