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7 Days to Die

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Favorite features of A20.
Mine is the new grass, lighting ambiance and storms making a comeback
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Fynn Jan 5 @ 4:27pm 
Gobs of new/reworked POI's
FT Jan 5 @ 4:37pm 
The new cities are so crowded with buildings and zombies, I love it.

I'm looking forward to moving into the snow biome for the loot bonuses and frequent meat deliveries too, but I can't really comment whether or not it lives up to my hopes since I haven't gotten there yet.
Tougher biomes with better loot, feral sense, drone, pipe weapons, new POIs and quests.
Bow buff, they were incredibly weak before, specially on insane. Now they are good even for non-bow characters.

Also the hunting rifle buff. The hunting rifle was absolutely awful compared to the other guns in its tier Pistol/double barrel/AK47 with its only 1 bullet per clip.
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The map generator. I really disliked the way A19 made maps. A20 maps are vastly better overall in terms of city generation and biome layouts (not so much wilderness but oh well).

Outside of that - lighting, shadows, reflections all seem quite nicer and (for me) reflections on no longer drops fps noticeably.

The cities overall look more interesting, although I personally am not all that fond of some POI's being so huge and time-consuming maze like, but that's just me and I can simply avoid them. :steammocking:

Edit: oh yeah, the drone! I love the drone.
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Nimbull Jan 5 @ 6:36pm 
Knocking on the garage door of the library with a stone axe and drawing out a huge horde of zombies.
Feral sense
aY227 Jan 6 @ 12:19am 
Rest is like a small xml tweaks + some weapons that you can get for a 100€ on cgtrader.
Good change, but for 17 months? Silly.
Oh, do we have any confirmation on stealth change?
So many new things to like but I'll keep it to just 3.
I like the new grass, but the tall grasses have all had a problem that bothers me. The grass can block my view but not the zombies view.
Therefore I used the new short grass to mow the entire world down to short grasses.
So short grass is one favorite from A20.
Another is the Shapes menu. Especially the shape Cube 3x3x1. So convenient to have a fast way to place some quick temporary walls or build a temporary shelter.
Third is RWG town and city improvements. Just amazing.
Originally posted by Red Eagle LXIX:
Third is RWG town and city improvements. Just amazing.

Zeruel Jan 6 @ 6:48am 
Pipe Weapons, I know they're the starting tier of guns but they're so much better than the blunderbuss. I love their animations.
Serath Jan 6 @ 7:21am 
The city and town generation is probably my most favorite feature. It actually feels homey now that I almost wish this wasn't a zombie apocalypse game and it had people walking around.

A hard second would be how the loot is distributed now between the biomes. We finally have a reason to go to the desert and snow biomes other than for just oil, aloe, and mass blue berries.
I love all the new buildings and the fact that cities look more like legit cities and less like random buildings dotted around. Been playing on pregen 8k.
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Originally posted by Fynn:
Gobs of new/reworked POI's

This. The cities feel like they could be real cities now. Not just basic grid layouts.
twoxsp Jan 6 @ 9:12am 
Shape menu and new random gen
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