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Still a better ending than Mass Effect 3?
All the negative press around this game reminds me of ME3 and how they ended up remaking the ending because fans were so mad.
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So many ways in which this is not the same thing at all. Mass Effect 3 had what the fanbase mostly agrees was a really bad set of endings, but it can't be argued that it was only a fraction of a game. Even before the free ending revamp DLC (which, as everyone knows, still fails to satisfy a lot of fans looking for different sorts of closure), you had a profoundly broader game, and that despite EA's short development cycle cadence causing Bioware to rush things.

Plus, ME3's multiplayer was/is awesome. And the DLC for it, while overpriced in my opinion, has been quite good. Now if they'd made Mass Effect 3 and it ended at, oh, Palavan and when you rounded the corner to meet the new Turian Primarch it cut to black with a page of text stating "And the Commander went on to do a bunch of stuff and eventually ended the Reaper threat... But how? Maybe there's more to discover." then you'd have a case for calling ME3 as bad as Dark Matter on the "what is the DEAL with this ENDING" front :p
I played Mass Effect 3 - the ending was clear that it was the ending. Some people may not have liked the ending but it was very clear that the game was going to end and was ending.

I watched the ending for this game on youtube and it's NOTHING like Mass Effect 3.

This game - you go through a door just like any other and boom, game over. There's nothing to suggest that the game is reaching any kind of conclusion.

To even suggest that this game's ending is better than Mass Effect 3's is silly.
Bioware did not remake the endings,they added to there horrible "endings"

honestly if i had to chose between me3s ending and the game just stopping i would chose the game just stopping.
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I dont know..ME3's endings were pretty horrible for me..cause it made me feel that all the games i played through(me, me2 and me3) all the decisions i made in them, bad or good, was for nothing. Thats the reason they are bad in my opinion

Dark matters ending is in a whole other dimension of badness. there is no indication at all that this is the end before it is the end...you walk through a door and bamm short text story this is the end...W T F... I almost felt like laughing, cause it felt so amateurish..
ME3's ending was universe destroying. This one doesn't really break anything, it isn't even an ending. So yeah, I'd say ME3's one was worse.
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