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 Тази тема е прикачена, така че сигурно е важна
Chroma Squad is not available in some Regions
Because of legal issues regarding our game and it's content, we can't sell through STEAM on those regions below.

Afghanistan, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Cuba, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, North and South Korea, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

We're really sorry about that, considering that we created a game inspired by mostly Japanese super heroes, and this hurts our hearts.

ps.: The Steam store is hidden in your countries. But any Steam Key would work fine.
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Goddamit you guys can't catch a break for this game when it comes to legal issues
This is sad. Any chance that this gets resolved in the future?
Well, this really sucks. I feel bad for the japanese people who wanted to play this.
Последно редактиран от Kaibun; 5 май 2015 в 7:10
Първоначално публикувано от Saulo Camarotti:
ps.: The Steam store is hidden in your countries. But any Steam Key would work fine.
So, guys who can't buy it just should search for new friends from different regions, who will gift or trade it to them, am I right?
(also sorry, I can buy only Russia and near regions locked copies, so can't help anyone)
Последно редактиран от Shirsh; 5 май 2015 в 7:13
Any steam key would work. I bought a key from a certain a site known for games and charity (hint hint) and got it to activate on Steam. Best of all, buying from this certain site gets you both a Steam key and a DRM-free copy (hint hint).

For those who don't get the hint: the Humble Store has it. Steam key and DRM-free.
Последно редактиран от お前の国には売らぬ; 5 май 2015 в 8:43
what happen?
I bought this game 1 day after realease date, and I'm from Indonesia.
The East Asian countries mentioned have their own Sentai series OR recieve a dubbed version from Japan and therefore probably have copyright laws against non-official Sentai merch.
Buy it from the Humble Bundle site. Add the key on Steam. There you go.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t move on Toei's part, if that's the cause. Aren't there laws for parodies to protect against this sort of stuff?
Последно редактиран от Words of Ivory; 5 май 2015 в 12:06
Try the GOG store. Has no ties to Steam, odds are that it flies under the radar in those countries.
Huh. Is this recent? Because I am in Singapore and I purchased it thru Steam Store no problem.
Първоначално публикувано от Shimamura:
Huh. Is this recent? Because I am in Singapore and I purchased it thru Steam Store no problem.
Only from today, I think.
It's OK even if it's not included Japanese language... I can understand some English, and also I'll call overlay browser to search in dictionary websites if I cannot understand.
I feel It looks like a jail, or a quarantine ward.
It's so horribly yet hilariously ironic that you can't sell a sentai game in Japan.
What? What "legal issues" exactly if it's ok to ask? You didn't rip off anything or use any names or use anyone else's content. What could they possibly base such claims on? If they think you ripped power rangers point out to them that Voltron exists and that the rangers ripped them off a long time ago.

Do they even understand that your little gem of a game is a tribute to and parody of the genre? If they can't understand that it's a sad day for asian courts.

I'm sorry as this seems really unfair to you guys.
This is totally borderline ridiculous and absurd. Basically such companies are claiming that ALL sentai creations, rights or anything in-between can only and will be owned by them.

DC and Marvel might as well be jumping down every intellectual property or works that even remotely mention superheroes.
Последно редактиран от DarkMachine; 5 май 2015 в 19:22
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