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Mar 3, 2014 @ 10:06am
Steam & Oculus Collaborate on Crystal Cove Prototype
Jan 20, 2014 @ 6:29am
VRServer.exe crashing when trying to launch in Big Picture
Jun 5, 2014 @ 11:58am
How to try SteamVR
Originally posted by blackterror:
Originally posted by ☽ ­✖­ Луна ­✖­ ☾:
Where you put the -vr thing????

you add it to the desktop shortcut or call it from a console window. I believe its the "target" field after the quotes for steam.exe.
I just set Steam to launch in Big Picture mode, then quit Steam. I started Steam again with the "-vr" command but before the Big Picture mode startet I got a windows error message saying "vrserver.exe does not work anymore" (loosely translated). Afterwards the Big Picture mode launches, but without beeing in VR mode.

Edit: Well now after I set Steam to launch in the Big Picture mode (I already deactivaed it again) at least Steam does not crash anymore after exiting the Big Picture mode. Still VR mode does not work for me.

@Joe: Unfortunately I cannot attend to the Steam Dev days, but I really hope that you guys will record and publish videos of the talks. So many interesting talks and I have no chance of beeing there :(

EDIT2: It seems to work for me now.

I'm not sure why it is working now, didn't really change anything... I set Steam to launch in BP mode by default, but disabled it again. Now it just works.
When setting the Rift as an extended display the BP mode will now appear as usual on your main display, but it will be in VR mode on the Rift itself.

The menu itself seems to have some drift issues and it looks like "roll" is inverted or at least not working correctly. But it does indeed work now.

Edit:3 Seems like those are no drift issues, but the screen automatically recenters to the direction you're currently looking at (to a certain degree). This however feels very uncomfortable.

Edit4: I just tried to play HL2. It's no yet a perfectly smooth experience to launch the game, because the game window launches on my main desktop and I still have to activate the VR mode in the game. (But I'm sure that we will get there soon :)) However a VERY BIG PROBLEM: just like I mentioned earlier with the BP mode in VR, the roll axis seems to be inverted. So if you touch your left ear to your left shoulder, the view actually shifts to the wrong direction. This makes playing a game pretty much impossible because it is very umconfortable.
Another problem: When I exit HL2, the display on the Rift switches back to the desktop, and not to the BP mode VR. My main display still has the BP mode active, but it's not visible on the Rift anymore. If I exit the BP mode, Steam crashes again - no error.
Good observation! As long as Steam is running when launched with "-vr" then I get no headtracking in any other game. Looks like the Rift is actually used by the Steam process, which prevents it to be used in another application. When I launch Steam without "-vr" other games work fine.
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