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SeonR  [developer] Mar 26, 2014 @ 7:49pm
Adventure Construction Kit - Current State & FAQ
Updated December 5th, 2014

Our in game Adventure Construction Kit (ACK) is a huge part of Fight The Dragon, so we have decided to add separate FAQ thread for it so we can show a more detailed overview it's state.

- Environment sculpting with a range of materials
- Water, Lava, Toxic and Mud sculpting
- Comprehensive list of Prop types and categories
- A great range of enemies (Melee, Ranged & Mini-Bosses)
- An assortment of NPC visual types and animations sets with ability to add dialogue
- Ability to set time of day for your adventure + some environment FX
- One click play test mode that lets you play and test at any time
- Ability to save/load un-published adventures
- Ability to publish your adventures online so other players can play them
- Ability to change and re-publish your adventures (if you need to fix things etc)
- Dashboard that shows a range of stats compiled from live play-throughs
- Ability for creators to override difficulty settings
- Creator leaderboard (on dashboard)
- Ability to choose a specific built in music track instead of using a random track
- Weekly and Monthly adventure leaderboards
- Comprehensive events and triggers system for logic
- Campaign system that allows creators to string up to 5 adventures together into a bigger story

- More enemies
- More trap types
- More props
- More logic systems
- More textures

Will players be able to upload their own content to the ACK?
Right now we don't have plans for workshop integration for the ACK, but time may change that.

Is all of my adventure data safely stored in Steam Cloud?
Yes we store all content in the cloud so you will never lose your adventures. We even support playing on multiple machines with the same Steam account.

Can I play my own published adventures?
Yes, you have access to your own adventures you publish from inside your adventure gallery on your world map. You also have the ability to search for all types of adventures from within the gallery.
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