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SeonR  [developer] Jun 8, 2014 @ 3:27pm
FTD Website, Reddit links & Developer Let's Play Video List
Our official Fight The Dragon website link

We also have an official subreddit

For those of you that are on reddit, feel free to post videos, screenshots or anything Fight The Dragon specific and please subscribe and spread the word to your other reddit friends.

We are pretty novice when it comes to reddit and find it hard to get traction when we post stuff to the /r/indiegaming and other threads, but we like the idea of having our own sub reddit for all things Fight The Dragon.

Developer Lets Plays
Here is our running list of Developer Let's Plays we are making.

Here is our latest... No 9!
We'll keep adding them here as we make them.

You can check out our youtube channel at...
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Arnevoldski Jun 8, 2014 @ 11:41pm 
Think maybe under videos i would do a more indepths fun introduction to ACK, think for a lot i know myself included it really means the world, when buying a game with an editor inside that it is really user friendly so a normal person can work it easily.

I know that FTDs is but think that it may not be a bad idea on the site to show just how easy it is to get into, working your way around it.

Then i think maybe making some videos on how the classes are different from each other might be a good idea to, seeing as with the equipment classes get to look a lot a like physically. So might be good to show that in a presentation. But as what goes for the webpage over all design i really love it.

But think a lot been changing in features and such since first videos so might be good, again to show case things a little more indepths in a fun way. Quick glance of how easy ACK is to navigate show case of warrior, firelord and frost wizard abilities, possibly rogue to when added.

EDIT: Almost forgot one last thing i think you should consider, making a road map sort of from where it started and whats been added since then of features, just a quick overview. Its been said many times before on other sites, people are really sceptical sometimes about picking up early access games, because they at times feel the developers rip them off. So think it be a good idea to show how much you already did, how dedicated that we know you are to them abd that you're not one of those.
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SeonR  [developer] Jun 9, 2014 @ 12:58am 
We are definitely in need of a new FTD Trailer. It's on my list to get to in the next few weeks.

We also want to do a new "Build something with the ACK" video too to show how easy it is.

We already have a link to the the full change list on the website, in the purchase area.

I'm not sure a roadmap is going to help much as we can't be specific and just saying we are going to add more of A and B wont do much to convince the hard to convince crowd :(

We'll keep adding more content and refining the site over the next few weeks.
First off, sorry for my english.

I hope feedback doesn't need to have mandatory criticism, because I don't have anything that might be of importance. A new trailer is the only thing that should be done and you guys already have that on your to-do.

The only thing that might be considered for improvement is that the slideshow on top of the page is showing old and kinda obsolete pictures. For instance the one picture with the three Heroes and the Dragon feels out of place and is in need of a newer one. This is of course not that important as I would just liked to see more variety so people who are buying into your game can already get some inspiration for their own adventure and can also see how much variation there are with the monsters themselves. Show that there is much more behind your game than graveyards and some generic monsters like skeletons and rats.

From my standpoint:
The layout looks great as you can look through the site within 3-5 minutes and gather all important information regarding your game. The most important feature of this game also stands on top so the reader can understand the focus of the game very easily. I think it's also a good way to at least cause some interest, even if the potential buyer hasn't truely considering purchasing yet. It's important to understand that this site is aimed for those who are considering a purchase so it's reasonable to believe too much information isn't always good. Potential customers always have multiple sources (such as gaming footage and forums) that can state different things. So I believe that a site like this should be considered teasing, for anything else there are things like gaming videos or even better, a demo version.

It's also pretty clear that you're targeting younger and older players alike as it's all very non-condesencing phrasing but it's also very pleasant and easy to read and understand. You guys don't want to deliver some hardcore experience but something fun, at least thats what I get by just reading through the site.

Graphically, this site also looks spot on. It has this certain 3 Sprockets charme thats really noticeable with your games and I think thats great. The style of the site and the game both feel very alike.

The best thing are the lets play videos. I've just watched the Developer Lets Play - 03 and was very impressed how laid back you guys were during playing while the game itself represented the same feel. As a lot of people, me included, are always trying to get a lets play, or "real" footage from the game before buying into something I think that a showcase like that is the most unbiased if its coming from a developer. Moving pictures often always tell a better story than showing a picture while explaining how great your game is. And you guys showing that by just having fun with your game says so much more about your product than just "discribing the fun" in a very marketing kind of way.

So after anything, I believe the new page is greatly improved over the old, bloggish one. Oh and I'm sorry for the wall of text, but I guess thats too late to say it now. :ftd_minotaur:
SeonR  [developer] Jun 9, 2014 @ 2:56am 
Thanks Dray2K - I appreciate the wall of text. Your thoughts are spot on to my aims for the site redesign, so I am glad tat all came across so well.

It's hard when you look at the same content for 3-4 days straight, to still stay objective.

Yeah, we need to get some new images together this week and start on that new trailer!
SeonR  [developer] Sep 12, 2014 @ 3:06pm 
I've merged our Website, Reddit and Developer Lets Play sticky threads together....
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