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Cyrus AUT 3. Nov. 2013 um 14:10 Uhr
Lets Play and monetization
Hello guys!

I was looking in the discussions but haven't found anything about that.
I don'T even found any contact-e-mail-adress.
Because of that I ask you on this way.

I am a upcoming Let's Player and would want to know if I am allowed to make LPs and put the Videos on Youtube and Facebook AND if I am allowed to usw the Youtube-Partner-License for that.

I'm looking forward to your positive answer.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,

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SuNin 3. Nov. 2013 um 16:14 Uhr 
I do believe that you would have to have the permission of the publisher/developer in order to monetize it. Some companies are fine with it, some are not. It varies. If they give you permission to "Let's Play" it, then you can also monetize if you have a Youtube Partner License. Not that you can just get one of those. I beleive Youtube comes to you with it when you have a video that reaches beyond a certain number of views or you have a certain number of subscribers. But, I'm sure you are figuring that out on your own.
Cyrus AUT 4. Nov. 2013 um 9:32 Uhr 
I can monetize. My problem is I don't know how to contact the producer of this game. You know an e-mail adress where I can contact them?
505 Games 4. Nov. 2013 um 10:17 Uhr 
Yes, you have permission as long as it is unique captured footage.
Cyrus AUT 4. Nov. 2013 um 12:50 Uhr 
Thank you very much for the permission!
I don't think you need permission, but it's nice to ask anyway.
Cyrus AUT 5. Nov. 2013 um 11:30 Uhr 
It's erverytime more polite to ask the developer about permission :)
Steadholder 12. Okt. 2014 um 19:30 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von 505 Games:
Yes, you have permission as long as it is unique captured footage.

Sorry to bring up old threads, i was just hoping to verify if these permissions are still valid within set restricion (unique content).
Thanks and sorry!
Cyrus AUT 17. Okt. 2014 um 20:49 Uhr 
Hey Steadholder
As they wrote: As far it is UNIQUE, so it means TAKEN FROM YOU, footage it shouldnt be a problem. Developers are getting more in touch of the community and dvs like 505 Games understand that LPs are nothing more than priceless advertising ;)
Cyrus AUT 17. Okt. 2014 um 20:51 Uhr 
PS: Steadholder. If you WANT We can make a coop LP :) I would be glad about it. I'm living in Austria (Europe) So we can arrange days to play. Stay sharp man and watch the undead ;)
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