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TorqueL Physics Modified Edition?
Does the PC Steam version have the updates from the Modified Physics Edition? What are the differences between the console and PC versions?
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nanmo  [developer] Jul 5 @ 7:55am 
Difference between TorqueL-Physics Modified Edition- and TorqueL (Original)

TorqueL - Physics Modified Edition - has been released for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (and Windows 10).
The difference from the original is that we moved the development environment from Unity 4 base to Unity 5 base.

Why was it necessary to migrate from Unity 4 base to Unity 5 base?
 * Xbox One has already ended support for Unity 4 based games
 * Nintendo Switch supported version of Unity 5 later

Impact of migrating from Unity 4 base to Unity 5 base
 * The major version of the Physics Engine (PhysX) is different, so the physical behaviors do not match perfectly.
 * However, by adjusting the parameters, I was able to adjust so that it would have the same play feeling.
 * The game content is the same as the original, but I thought that it was necessary to indicate the above in the title, and put Physics Modified Edition- as a subtitle.


TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- とTorqueL(オリジナル)の違い

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-はNintendo SwitchとXbox One(そしてWindows10)向けにリリースしています。

* Xbox OneはUnity4ベースのゲームについてすでにサポートを終了していました
* Nintendo SwitchはUnity5以降のバージョンを対象としてサポートしていました

* 物理演算エンジン(PhysX)のメジャーバージョンが異なります、そのため物理挙動が完全には一致しません。
* しかし、パラメータを調整することで同じようなプレイ感覚になるように調整することができました。
* ゲーム内容はオリジナルと同一です、しかし、上記のことをタイトルで示す必要があると思い、-Physics Modified Edition-をサブタイトルとしてつけました。

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