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Great game, but too short and needs an overhaul
Just finished this game in under 2 hours on the second play through. First play through I took my time and died fighting the lich and friends. Use Iron Skin and Magic Resis befor facing the lich and friends and its an easy win. I will admit that traversing the previous levels to leave the dungeon was an interesting challenge, but not if you have a bunch of purple wands stocked up with your magic around 9. This game has so much more that could be added to make the user experience more diverse each play through. However, I don't really feel like there is anything new to discover or any new challenges to overcome after escaping with the orb. So I'm done with this game until the Devs expand the content and play (if they ever do).

Great job with the game, but consider adding more dungeons with different orbs to collect, crafting, characters to rescue, new shops to unlock, weapon repair, bosses, special abilities after leveling certain stats, puzzles, shop upgrades, randomized quests, etc.

Its basically the same play through each time without these things. I grinded about 25 hrs into this game and I feel like I'm about done with the content. I will check back again in the future. Keep up the good work but please expand the game, don't cop out and leave it 'up to the community' to make a bunch of mods to add depth to this game. I have yet to see another game like this on any platform so this has quite a bit of marketability!

I'll be rooting for you
Jeremy M
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I agree - - fantastic and immersive gameplay. It's fun with new and yet nostolgic play. Really one of my favorites game available on Mac - easily. But I'd love to see a deeper game, new unlockables, characters to rescue, pets, people to meet in the cave, and some variety in level design - perhaps great open expanses, more friendly animals, whatever. Anyway, I look forward to new content and will recommend this game to anyone. Great experiene. Any plans on a sequel, or, updates? Thanks, devs! :steamhappy:
Dorok Apr 29 @ 12:38am 
Add a lot of features is no way a guaranty of anything, or if you can predict sells, then get in touch with game companies they'll hire you for massive amount of gold.

Just 1H for a full play, that's very short. Looks a lot like it is missing difficulty levels for players as OP.
The purpose of the game is to allow people to start coding and be creative and make expansions and changes. its morely of an engine based game that is growing.
Dorok Apr 30 @ 11:32am 
Choose a low def engine to make mods, not many will do such choice. But if it allows much more people creating faster and more easily graphics looking good, it makes sense anyway.
Originally posted by Drakensin:
The purpose of the game is to allow people to start coding and be creative and make expansions and changes. its morely of an engine based game that is growing.
Wow really? You've confirmed the developer's intent that this was made to help people code and mod? I wonder why they didn't mention that in the game overview. Oh well, it was still a good game.
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i dont find the game short....
but ok i try to explore everything like the old days and do go quickly finish it what doesnt make you go play a game... why always go quickly trough it? you wanna enjoy or wanna get bored then when you wanna get bored then gaming isnt for you...
@zaitsev04: I think you're missing the point of a Rouglike game. Most Rougelike games only have a run span of 2 hours at most. You are supposed to win, maybe die a few times along the way, then start over from basically scratch and see if you can beat the game faster or better.

Also, the devs are enjoying the creative mods players have been coming up with, so the updates lately have made modding this game WAY easier than it used to be. You should try some making a Delver mod sometime, it's alot of fun.
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