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Joshua  [developer] Apr 14, 2017 @ 9:41am
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Hey folks! We get a number of frequently asked questions, so I thought I'd address them here. Topics started asking a question that is answered below will be deleted.

Will Delver have multiplayer?
No, Delver will not have multiplayer. It has been designed and developed as a single player experience.

What is behind the big door in the cold area?
Its a secret. 😉

Can you jump?
No, you cannot.

What is the status of the Android version?
We do have an Android version of Delver, but it is several years out of date. We upgraded one of our third party frameworks and that changed the minimum OpenGL requirements. This would break Delver on older Android devices, and we don't want to make the game unplayable for someone who has paid for it. We are looking into ways of solving this, but likey won't happen until Delver is finished.

What is the hidden achievement?
It is a test achievement. Achievements for Delver are still being worked on.
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