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RetroL Jun 22, 2015 @ 10:51am
Who is alive ?
Is there some multiplayer player here ?
I bought this game recently, and it's pretty fun. The multiplayer looks awesome, but there's no player :(
If you're alive and you want to play with me, as me as friend :D
I'll try to recommend the game to a french streamer/youtuber who plays independant games for earning players.
Bye and see you later ( i hope :D ) :partyfist:
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Astral Projection  [developer] Jun 26, 2015 @ 7:48pm 
Ill be on sometimes testing stuff for a new patch.

BTW, the game is exactly the same if you play SP or MP. So just playing it MP is an option.
Akfiz Jun 27, 2015 @ 11:54am 
I like the game, but I have some important exams these days, maybe we can play multiplayer some other time.

Also, devs. This is just my opinion, I feel the game is great, it has a lot of potential in gameplay but it's unfulfiled due to it's limited options. All you have is "Story Mode" on SP & MP, the one where you travel from galaxy to galaxy doing missions and earning points, and defense mode on SP.

Why do I feel the game has a lot of potential in gameplay ? Simply, it's fun. Except for missions, you don't rely on achivements (because all your achivements are numbers), grind or unlockables to keep the players "interested" (actually capture), you rely on fun enjoyable gameplay. Everybody likes to see enemies exploding into space.

What I think it's requied to make the game better ?

1) Change the "Defense Mode" 's name to "Survial Mode" -> It's not much, but it makes for a better sound, and attracts more people, like good-sounding ads.

2) More Profile Ships -> I find this imperative. Instead of having 1 ship for Singleplayer and 1 Ship for multiplayer, which is limiting, you should make a "Choose Ship", "Create Profile" or "Saving Slot" kind of thing where you can save different ships and play them the moment you want to. Not stored in the mother base, and not something you can change during the gameplay, something you select before entering the gameplay.

3) Survival in Multiplayer -> What's the point of survival mode if you can't play it with other people ? you can either make a standard surivaval mode identical to SP but with more players. When someone dies, they have to wait 5 seconds on 2 players, 7 seconds on 3 players and 10 seconds for 4 players to respawn near the closest player. I just threw those numbers, you gotta do the math, but you've gotta make sure you make a causual yet with a little challening experience. Too casual with always respawn and people will get bored, no danger, they have nothing to fight for basically. Too difficult and people will get mad, keep that for "Last Man Standing" I've mentioned below. Something danger, but little danger, the danger would be that everybody dies before respawn and you lose. Not too much danger to make it difficulty, nor too little danger to make you wanna sleep.


or a Last Man Standing mode where 4 or 5 ships try not to get killed by Pirates or Xenos and once you die you're out until the round ends, and the last man standing gets a golden message "You won!" when he's the only one left alone. Or (this is the one I like best, but this is just me) for a more competitive gameplay (competitive = exciting) you should add a time-score mechanic on the "Tab" based on how many seconds you've been alive. The score would reset every 5 rounds and at the end of each round the one with the most seconds alive gets a golden message "You won!", the second gets "2nd Place" silver message and right under it with a 4 time lower size text "(username) took the first place", the 3rd one "3rd Place" bronze message and the rest gets standard blue. It's just an "You Won" message that means nothing but raises the competitive factor, sometimes we enjoy games because we can be better than other people. To make sure, you can add both "Surival" and "Last Standing Mode" for Casual and Hardcore-like experience. I would like a more Casual experience unless I know the game.

---( This last one is huge)---

4) 3 Factions, Humans, Xenos, Pirats fighting each other -> No, no storyline, this game needs no storyline. But the ability to play with each race would be a great add-on. Not much difference just, new ships, new partcular isotopes for each race. I don't think you should make differences for now such as Xenos should be way faster, Humans way more tanky and Pirates way more something, it would basically change the game and I don't know whether people would like it, too risky. But just add the factions, different ships models but very similar in terms of stats (also not identically, little differences, enough not to get noticed) and particular different weapons. (Again, not limiting, don't cut human weapons to give to the other races, just give something new to each race while keeping the game balanced).

5) Level based Versus maps -> This is a dream considering the game's low online frequency right now. But if you ever do this then no experience in versus fights is imperative because people would want to stay a certain level with some Ships (In case you do the multiple ships thing), some enjoy low level battles with few weapons and options, moslty manuvering, others enjoy high level battles with many weapons and options, mostly picking the right gun at the right time.

And so on, I have more ideas but I doubt even these ones would happen, it's a lot of work anyway.
Akfiz Jun 28, 2015 @ 1:14am 
Also, if this doesn't clashes with Chicken Invader rights, a versus chicken level that shoot eggs would be great, especially if it is multiplayer.
Astral Projection  [developer] Jul 10, 2015 @ 11:55am 
Great suggestions Akfiz. I'll definitely use some of those in GAR2. Looking to do it on on a "real" engine like Unreal 4.
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