Need for Speed: SHIFT

Need for Speed: SHIFT

Vargas78 2013年5月8日下午1:42
Shift or Hot Pursuit?
Which is the better game?
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Frankie-Z- 2013年5月8日下午2:29 
I Have Hott pursuit and I "would Not" recomend it ..
It's pretty bad ,
It might look good but the gameplay is boring and the car physics are bad.
the original NFS Most Wanted is better if you want car chases

I'm gving shift 1 n 2 a shot .. for $5 each I figured what the hell..
最后由 Frankie-Z- 编辑于; 2013年5月8日下午2:30
Ganjalf 2013年5月8日下午3:55 
Shift is amazing game... buy it and forget that ''Burnout'' HOT PURSUIT its not even Need For Speed... why Shift is amazing?

2. New Physics are AmaZinG!
3.You get old cool cars like Dodge Challenger R/T or Stingray
4.Cockpit view wich loooks SO GOOD
5.Tuning (its not like in NFS Underground or Pro Street but its like in Forza's
6.PRIce IS 5€
7.Cool Replay and Photomode
8.Engine voices
9.Your wet dreams come true

Hope this helped
Raiden_chino 2013年5月8日下午10:06 
Hot Pursuit is arcade. Shift is a sim (or at least try to xD). I prefer the Shift formula.
it all depends on what you want but Shift is personally my favourite of NFS game in recent years
Bernd Leno 2013年5月9日上午9:30 
I personally loved Hot Pursuit 2010, i played alot of it on xbox 360
Leona 2013年5月9日上午10:47 
Hot Pursuit isn't NFS? Its all about NFS. Shift is for those who want to go slow to avoid totalling the car in the first turn.
I liked Sift.
ksurl 2013年5月15日下午12:16 
I liked Hot Pursuit so far. haven't tried Shift yet but I hear it's also good though different since it's a sim
dirty_Sanchez 2013年5月16日下午2:22 
i prefer shift
最后由 dirty_Sanchez 编辑于; 2013年5月16日下午2:23
Bernd Leno 2013年5月17日上午5:37 
shift seems like it might get boring
Ganjalf 2013年5月17日上午5:39 
yeah I agree but shift is better game than hot pursuit.. i say that you can play shift like 10 hours
and then its booring game but...... I STILL PREFER SHIFT cause its better than that FAKE PURSUIT
la_nague 2013年5月17日下午5:00 
i like shift.

But i like track racing games and have a lot of patience. before every race i do several laps just by myself to get to know the track.
I dont like those racing games where you drive a random street and have to look at a minimap all the time to not hit a house or something.
Bernd Leno 2013年5月17日下午6:46 
a house? :P lol
Phobos 2013年5月21日下午2:34 
I also think that Shift is the better game.
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