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ezfeeling 6 DIC 2013 a las 0:40
Any surefire 3 star strat on map #39?
So far this is the one of the two maps I have problem getting 3 stars on, and only one that I still need luck for full completing. The biggest problem is that the entrence is a death trap. No matter what you do, you will trigger a few enemies to your presence. If your screwed up and guard the wrong entrence, or too many doors open at once, you are guaranteed to lose a guy or 2.

Below are the tips/strat I used to beat the level, abit very unreliably.

1. The hostage on the right side is your priority save target. I've yet seem hostage being killed on the left side even with both doors open.

2. The safest way to prevent all doors opening at once is to unlock first door, flash, and rush in with a stealth guy. You will want to throw the flash biased towards left, but still enough to cover the the whole room. This will delay and prevents all 3 doors from right opening at once, which will almost always happens if you use any of the noisy methods.

3. This part will take some luck and patience. After your stealth guy rush into the room to clear, It's time to place the other 3. Rush a guy immediately to the bottom right corner of the first room and looks towards left top corner, covering all entrences. The other 2 does not need to enter the room, they should stand on each side of the entrence, One of the guy should guard both of the top doors, while the other will look straight north across the room. The stealth guy will stand on bathroom side of the door with hostage. When both of your guys are in position, immediatly have the stealth guy flash and enter the hostage room.

If you make it this far, you are more or less home free. Usually at this point you will have killed the shotty guy and majority of baddies, However, the time left will be quite short so it will depends on where enemies randomly spawns to be successful.

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Vulpe Nebuna  [desarrollador] 6 DIC 2013 a las 9:00 
You should see my version, I have bad guys literally running around the map as they're trying to get better cover - very chaotic as they don't always think "straight".
ezfeeling 6 DIC 2013 a las 9:51 
Somehow I think it'd make the game a bit easier since you can flash and enter. Having 3 or so bad guys rushing a door, then immediately having shotty taking out my guys while they concentrating fire on the first enemy has been the cause of several retries this patch :o

I do very much appreciate the increased difficulty though. :) Please keep up the good work!
Strummer 6 DIC 2013 a las 10:44 
Do all 3-star graded missions have to be completed in the target time, or less?
ezfeeling 6 DIC 2013 a las 11:38 
You need to complete in the set time or less to earn 3 stars. The update increases the difficulty now that enemies are a lot more responsive. Later levels are more unforgiving since there will usually be groups of enemy swamping your position as soon as you open fire, making it necessary to have good position and not rush in blindly.
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Door Kickers > Discusiones generales > Detalles del tema
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