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Crafted the PORTAL with the 5 parts - NOW WHAT?????
Yeah, the title says it all. Now what?

There s none help in wikia or google or whatever. What to do when you finished crafting the portal?

Playing sandbox. Is there any issue with that? It only works in techtree mode?

Clicked, selected, gathered dwarves, did a lot of nonsense things around it and nothing happens or prompts. What s the purpose of that green EXIT light flashing if nothing happens?

Any ideas?

See the screenshot... all dwarves together and still nothing happens:
Zuletzt bearbeitet von Jones Comoreto; 7. Mai 2014 um 0:46 Uhr
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Nedison 7. Mai 2014 um 2:18 Uhr 
Portal works only in campaign mode. I guess they could add some fireworks or something, for finishing a custom level.
Zuletzt bearbeitet von Nedison; 7. Mai 2014 um 3:33 Uhr
DrBoom 7. Mai 2014 um 3:19 Uhr 
In Sandbox mode it is a waste to build the portal. Sandbox mode is for people who just like the freedom of building without restriction to a tech tree. Sandbox mode has no end or goal.
ReneMiner 7. Mai 2014 um 3:54 Uhr 
In custom games the keepers should not drop those plans but maybe just the resources or some good equipment instead. There's no real sense in killing them currently.
oh... that's terrible.

Anyway, thank you guys.
Zuletzt bearbeitet von Jones Comoreto; 7. Mai 2014 um 9:56 Uhr
In Campaign mode, what happens when you finish it?
You can click on it to progress to the next world, unlocking that new world in the process.
Zuletzt bearbeitet von Vermillion Cardinal; 7. Mai 2014 um 10:45 Uhr
glamrockcop 7. Mai 2014 um 14:51 Uhr 
Now you go play Flockers.
The SECOND they made the portal do something, scores of people would complain that it's not really a true "Sandbox Mode". ;)
ehyder 8. Mai 2014 um 5:19 Uhr 
A few solutions. They could: a) take the portal out of Sandbox; b) fireworks, as mentioned above; c) allow movement between worlds, but this time you get to keep all of your stuff and your dwarves.
Yeah. I d take c option.
Move between portals in "sand box" mode would do great.

There s no purpose on owrld portal. Not at all in sandbox mode if you wont use it.

The actual "sandbox" mode isnt any sandbox.
You cant do things on your own, all is the same of campaign except: Not being able to use portal spell on your own, not being able to cross world portal and craft stuff sooner due to no present tech tree.

I would use the Terraria example and have only one game mode.
Zuletzt bearbeitet von Jones Comoreto; 8. Mai 2014 um 14:38 Uhr
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