Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

kisguri  [开发者] 2014年10月31日上午9:12
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Beta Code
If you want to participate in any of the prelaunched Betas please enter this code into your app properties, located when your right click on the app name or icon. Look for the beta tab and enter this code...


Please note as a Beta bugs or issue my be present.
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Literswater 2014年11月6日下午6:08 
I'd like to test if bug #2100 is possibly fixed in 283. I am using Fusion Developer 282.3

By "app name or icon", I assumed you mean the name or icon shown in the workspace toolbar (usually) on the top left. However, when I right-click and then choose the [properties] menu item, nothing happens. The menu goes away and that's it. Same happens when I create a new, blank project and try it there.

Selecting the project and then click [properties] from the edit dropdown menu also doesn't do anything.
最后由 Literswater 编辑于; 2014年11月6日下午6:11
kisguri  [开发者] 2014年11月6日下午9:51 
sorry, you enter the beta code on the options of the Fusion in Steam not fusion itself.
Literswater 2014年11月7日下午12:57 
Thank you :) I got it working and have reported that said bug is indeed fixed in this update.
kisguri  [开发者] 2014年11月8日上午9:42 
Nice, thanks for pariticpating!
meep 2014年12月29日上午2:02 
Hey the last reply was on my birthday!
Actiniumer 2015年12月31日下午10:07 
It is amazing.
CyberHipster 2016年1月14日下午3:52 
Somehow I insert the code ando nothing happens
Buluack 2016年2月11日下午4:04 
I can't find the beta tab XP
kisguri  [开发者] 2016年2月15日上午10:24 
Darkhog 2016年9月28日下午5:26 
What's the use of such code, when it's known to anyone and in pinned topic, no less? Can't you just do a password-less beta like other games/programs do?
kisguri  [开发者] 2016年9月28日下午6:56 
This is the beta method we choose, Maybe on 3 we will do something differemt!
Lord Villain 2016年9月28日下午9:10 
Kisguri I have a couple of quick questions

will there continue to be bug fixing and support post 3 deployment?

Also which tends to lead release the version on steam or the version on clickteam official website? If it is the clickteam website will the have the latest version, does that mean the trial version will always be the very latest build?

The problem for me is the website makes no reference to version numbers so I end up downloading and crossing my fingers each time.

Maybe a mailing list announcing when a new version of a clickteam product is released on steam and the store would be useful?

kisguri  [开发者] 2016年9月28日下午10:27 
Release versions are synced, Standalone has more betas, we will be maintaining 2.5 long after 3 is released due to its use in the education sector!
Lord Villain 2016年9月28日下午10:32 
thanks you saved me having to play a guessing game.

I saw that conversion between the steam & non-steam is possible, is there any pros to do it besides not needing steam to run? and if I opted for a conversion would I be able to take all of my exporters with me?
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