Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Nathan Aug 24, 2014 @ 3:39pm
Three fun things to Mod to make TW closer to TS
I brought my TiberiumWars slightly closer to TiberianSun, but obviously a lot of the dynamical features from your terrain are missing (Veins, Fiends, craters altering environment, spawing storms, gas clouds etc. Maybe some mods are out there fixing that?).

I managed to mod quite easily into Tiberium Wars the Walls back in (took only two line copies[] into two separate xml files [per faction;GDI,NOD&Alien] while using TibED 2[], remember to use beginwallspan, not hub, see the last comment in the link) and make the blue tiberium explode upon death[] (if you damaged the crystals).

Also, I just looked at the Visceroids that might get spawned when Corrupters kill infantry (TibED2:Full Asset List->WeaponTemplate->AlienCorrupterToxinBlastCannon, the Damage&SpawnNugget), and I decided to copy the code into the tiberium fields (The WeaponTemplates of Blue and green tib, and I changed the probabilities of spawning) and also the catalyst weapons and for the visceroid itself.
Haven't playtested it yet, just got excited and wanted to post this :)
Did test the walls and exploding blue tib, worked and was awesome.

After testing this, and if the Visceroids worked out well, should I make a guide for others who want to try this as well?
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HawK Aug 24, 2014 @ 4:38pm 
Nice to see someone enjoying the benefits of modding. I myself work on the TALON Mod and was influenced by a lot of the things from Dune and Generals. It's strange when games seem to lose features with each new release, but I guess that's why the C&C franchise has been in trouble for some time now.

Even though I never played Tiberium Sun, I really like the idea of the environment being a random and dangerous element in the game. Dune was like that with worms attacking your harvesters, and the ability to capture Fremen bases for constant reinforcements was great too.

I know that the "Tiberium Wars Advanced" mod made Fiends, so you could check it out. If you ever make a Fiend and would like to share how you did it then I would love to know.
Nathan Aug 26, 2014 @ 9:50am 
I'm only an amateur modder, I tweak games to fit my own liking, and have no delusions or aspirations of becoming a skilled modder like yourself, I hope your TALON mod is coming along nicely :) I found the latest video on your moddb page inspiring, doubt I'll be able to do such things myself in this game.
And I haven't seen Fiends in TW at all, models or code, so I don't think I'll be putting them into the game, since that would require making them from the ground up, instead of just slightly tweaking what is already available, as I'm doing with the exploding tib, walls and viceroids. I know that in The Forgotten mod there are Fiends as well. Perhaps also in Tiberium Essence? Haven't seen them listed though, or screenshots.

Just remembered another lovely dynamical feature of TS: The poison clouds from Vein holes AND superweapons (the NOD chemical missile, loved the aftermath havoc it wrecked by going with the wind, consuming infantry and turning them into viceroids, eating up tanks and structures in the base if the missile didn't destroy them already). Why didn't the NOD have with their catalyst missile, nuke, or tiberium vapor bomb some lovely poison gas? The green cloud looks perfect for the role (the one from the catalyst missile, spoken about in the exploding blue tib tutorial I linked above). Why can't I have a missile which releases a poison gas cloud that lingers and turns anyone in it (except perhaps zone troopers and Aliens) into viceroids? That would be cool, and fun, and create some unpredictable circumstances, like in TS, and with the viceroids I have now in TW, which can suddenly turn around and go after my base (which encouraged me to always drop my superweapons from a safe distance).

Status update on the Viceroids:
The inital copy-paste I talked about above did bring the viceroids into the game as a serious force, but I quickly discovered two major problems, one of which I fixed after some random changing of the code.
The problem I fixed:
The viceroids oddly lost after awhile their ability to do any damage, they would be completely harmless, still attacking, but doing nothing (I saw this on multiple plays, watching for minutes as swarms of viceroids were surrounding my buildings, attacking it, but doing absolutely nothing, and I even confirmed this more concretely by loading up a trainer which allowed me to drop the health to zero, so that an even whimpy attack should have destroyed the weakened unit or building, but still nothing).
Unfortunately I am not certain what I did to fix it, I mainly kept going back and forth between normal units like buzzers and militias and their weapons, and comparing them to viceroids, and copying "missing" lines into the viceroids weapons, warheads and units, until I saw viceroids in my game, which had survived for a long time, still going about it, killing and destroying stuff.
(If I plan to make a guide, I will copy my edited code for others, but also hope to see if others can solve it more cleanly and parsimoniously, because my code is now slightly more complicated than it needs to be, though it doesn't show ingame.)
The problem that still remains:
The Viceroid AI wanders for a bit, attacks for a bit, but after some time, they grow completely passive, just 'standing' there, taking attacks and not retaliating, not attacking anything which walks or rolls close by them.
This one baffles me, I don't know why they grow so apathetic. I'd really appreciate it if someone would look over the viceroids if they could see why the AI seems to have a dead line until they become completely inert.

Otherwise, even with this bug, it was still fun, and I'm keeping them in my modded game, despite the half-life on the AI, it is most fun seeing the epidemics of viceroids tearing up the battlefield.
Still might have to tweak tib fields to be more damaging, to see them turning infantry into viceroids, because they didn't usually die from tibfields, but the catalyst missile could after two hits kill infantry (or one if they are on a tib field) and then turn them into viceroids (as I intended with my copy-paste), I went with the logic than anything tib-based should be able to mutate humans into viceroids (Aliens are immune? Also zone troopers, unless if they are attacked directly by viceroids, they can turn zone troopers into other viceroids), so fields, catalyst missiles, vapor bombs (they kill mostly, but can turn some into viceroids) and nukes (not sure how canon that is, but still wanted it), and on the alien side the corrupter (with a very high probability of mutating) and the Devourer tank with the tib enhanced beam. And viceroids turn humans into viceroids as well. Also for fun I changed the buzzers spawned from the swarm special power into viceroids, to make them into chaotic harassement units :D
Fun stuff, hope someone else tries this to see what gameplay changes they get from it.
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