Volgarr the Viking
 Ця тема закріплена, тому вона, мабуть, важлива
Patch History
Version 1.36d

Version 1.36c

  • (Windows version only) Fixed a crash on start when using certain controller configurations (most notably, when using a Steam Controller).

Version 1.36b

  • Fixed World Skip feature not working sometimes if player is not connected to Steam or there was a problem connecting to the Steam Leaderboards.
  • Added an additional hint message about the World Skip feature to clarify that to skip already-completed Worlds, the player must go left multiple times, once for each World.
  • Added alternate palettes for color blind players, accessible via Graphics Options menu.
  • Volgarr will no longer bonk his head on the posts that ropes are tied to when jumping from the rope. This confused many players who did not understand that this is what was preventing upwards movement from jumping from the top of a rope and that they needed to jump from lower down. Now it should no longer be confusing (this did result in a minor adjustment to a platform in World 4 Crystal Path - Exterior Map to make a particular platforming puzzle still valid).

Version 1.36

  • Fixed graphical distortion in World 2-1 when using DX9 renderer on graphics cards with low Guard Band Clipping values.
  • Fixed graphical corruption when using OpenGL renderer on systems with low-end on-board Intel graphics chipsets.
  • Fixed crash if go under water while using the '-nosound' command-line option (or have no compatible sound card enabled).
  • Fixed the spelling of "received".
  • Added a workaround to fix full screen mode crash for Xubuntu users of the Steam version.
  • Added support for Steam's Error Reporting feature and added crash dump file generation for all Windows versions.
  • Added a note on our video monetization policy (i.e. we don't care, go nuts!) as a button in the Settings menu.
  • Added an option to replace the licensed Sonic Prophecy credits music with just the generic theme song so video creators can avoid the hassle of getting flagged by content ID matching systems like YouTube's (though this option makes the end credits far less awesome...).
  • Launching the game from Steam Big Picture Mode now defaults to full screen mode initially (any other method still defaults to windowed mode initially), and user preference for full screen vs windowed is tracked separately for Big Picture Mode.
  • Added graphical button icons instead of text names for buttons when game detects the player is using an XInput (360) controller.

Version 1.35

  • Improved the first-time player experience through the first World, without changing how it plays for experienced players (thus all current Leaderboard data is still valid).
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with the sail of the boat when it stops at the end of its journey in World 2-1.
  • Slightly reduced memory needed by background art, thus reducing load times and minimum requirements for hard drive space, RAM, and VRAM without changing the art's appearance.

Version 1.34c

  • Fixed rare bug where the game audio sometimes became permanently muted until -reset was used or the system registry was edited to un-mute it (seemed to only happen on the Windows Steam version of the game).

Version 1.34b

  • Fixed issues with multiple monitors and full screen modes on SDL-based versions (Mac/Linux).
  • Added an option in the Settings menu to let the game keep running when it loses focus (so music keeps playing and it doesn't auto-pause).
  • Tutorial help strings now display actual assigned key/button names for actions instead of generic terms like "Jump" and "Attack".
  • Added support for Force Feedback (Rumble) to the SDL controllers module which should enable it for supported devices on Mac/Linux. Windows users with non-360 controllers might also be able to get force feedback now by using the command-line option -controller=2 to switch to SDL mode.

Version 1.34

  • Now available for Mac and Linux!
  • Fixed crash at startup when using SDL-based sound after recent Steam update.
  • Fixed crash when Kickstarter Beta testers use their special button sequence.

Version 1.33c

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed opening the same chest over and over again, gaining infinite gold (points) and items.
  • Faster loading times - up to half the time it took before, depending on your machine.
  • Fixed invisible World 4 boss when using OpenGL render option.
  • Fixed a special attack effect in the World 6 boss fight not showing up properly.
  • Fixed a minor collision oddity reported here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/247240/discussions/0/613936673408631500/
  • Game will now detect if it is running faster than it is supposed to and after a few seconds switch to a manual timer mode, which will force the proper frame rate (but may cause screen tearing). If you want the game to immediately enter this mode, you can use the command line option: -vsync=4 . You can also usually prevent this problem from happening in the first place by setting VSync to On for Volgarr in your video card's per-application settings (if your video card driver has such capability).

Version 1.32

  • Fixed game no longer properly checking the Steam Leaderboards and updating the local high score data (including ability to skip worlds) when playing on a different computer.

Version 1.31

  • Fixed an input delay of up to 0.025 seconds introduced in the last patch (likely only a speed runner would have noticed).

Version 1.3

  • Players checking their Leaderboard score will now first get more meaningful and relevant data about their performance compared to other players before being taken to the big list of names and numbers.

  • Added an obvious message about skipping worlds you've completed before to make it clear that the game DOES include a form of progress-saving.

  • Added an OpenGL-based graphics engine, as a possible solution for anyone having issues with Direct3D on their system.

  • Added an SDL-based sound and music engine, which can be selected in the Sound Options menu (as long as the game can find SDL2.dll somewhere, which it should with Steam), as a possible solution for anyone having issues with DirectSound on their system.

  • Added a new scaling filter to the Graphics Options menu, titled "Bilinear X2", which should look crisper than Bilinear yet avoid the uneven pixel sizes seen with Point filtering (basically halfway between the two filters previously available). NOTE: This filter will not work on all resolutions on all systems - in the cases where it doesn't work it will look the same as normal Bilinear.

  • Fixed an incorrectly-looping ambient sound in the first level.

  • It is now possible to request a specific graphic/sound/music engine via command-line parameters, useful for troubleshooting when can't get to the pause menu. -graphics=# (1-dx9, 2-opengl, 3-dx7), -sound=# (0-no sound, 1-DSound, 2-SDL), -music=# (0-no sound, 1-DSound, 2-SDL), -soundquality=# (1-4, only applies to SDL currently).

Version 1.22

  • Fixed a frame rate hitch every 1.6 seconds, seen only on low-end systems that did NOT have any game controllers connected.

Version 1.21

  • Fixed a rare circumstance where controller support would be disabled on the Steam version of the game, with no obvious way to turn it back on.

  • XInput (XBox 360) controllers can now be detected even if their DirectInput drivers are not currently functioning.

  • Added a new Setting that disables up+attack=spear throw, instead requiring a separate button be mapped for spear throw, to prevent accidental spear throws by players who prefer to use a separate button.

  • Added a new Setting that disables down+jump=dodge roll, instead requiring a separate button be mapped for dodge roll, to prevent accidental dodge rolls by players who prefer to use a separate button.

  • Up+Attack (Spear) and Down+Jump (Roll) shortcut buttons are now mapped to controller buttons in the default control scheme.

  • Camera no longer resets to close-up zoom when change maps while have the toggle zoom option set.

  • Using Alt+Return in Full Screen Windowed mode now goes to a normal window instead of immediately switching to Full Screen mode (which made it look like nothing happened).

  • Fixed a few minor visual glitches.

Version 1.2

  • Completely new graphics engine based on DirectX 9 to resolve compatibility issues with some systems. The original DirectX 7-based graphics engine is also still available just in case anyone has issues with the new one.

  • Graphics Options menu overhauled and includes more options such as selecting graphics engine and manually overriding full-screen resolution.

  • New Leaderboards added for best time for every individual World/Path combination, along with an updated menu for selecting which Leaderboard you want to view. Unfortunately existing time records can not be copied into the new leaderboards, so all you speed runners will need to do one more run for each World/Path combination in order to register your best time.

  • Leaderboard results that come back as blank or [unknown] names will now try again until they get a proper name back from the Steam servers rather than just staying blank until you exit the leaderboard and try again.

  • The timer for individual World time will no longer start from pressing the camera zoom-out button at the start of a World. You must press a button that affects Volgarr (movement, attack, jump, etc) to start the timer.

  • Fixed a very rare bug that could cause a spear platform to float in mid-air (by having it form at the exact moment that the object the spear hit is destroyed by other means).

  • Added command-line options to force renderer (-dx7, -dx9, -dxlevel 70, -dxlevel 90).

  • Added command-line option to force full-screen mode (-fullscreen).

  • Added command-line option to delete all data the game stores locally, which can be useful to reset all settings if the game worked the first time but then has problems later (-reset).

Version 1.12

  • Fixed inconsistent game play speed on some setups, particularly those
    with monitor refresh rates other than 60Hz or 120Hz.

  • Clicking the Maximize button on the game window will switch to
    full-screen windowed mode rather than true full screen mode (true full
    screen requires the Graphics menu or Alt+Enter).

  • Improved support for multi-monitor systems when running the game in
    windowed modes (full-screen mode is still primary monitor only).

Version 1.1

  • NEW CHALLENGE for Speed Runners - a new Leaderboard has been added for fastest time through a "Full Crystal Path Run". This means going from beginning to end of the game without ever going to the Path of the Valkyrie or using any level skipping (other than skipping the title screen/tutorial).
  • All World 2 maps (both paths) streamlined to be more in-line with other Worlds in terms of difficulty curve, time between checkpoints, and VRAM space required.
  • Added a very brief visual warning before a Slime spawns and drops on your head, and made them hop slightly less often.
  • Reduced the health of Crab Battler by 1.
  • World 3 ghost enemies pause slightly longer before flying toward you.
  • World 3 boss is now easier to hit from the ground using the normal sword.
  • World 4 boss fight is now less boring/tedious when using a specific slow-but-safe method.
  • Fixed rolling off a cliff edge and cancelling into a down-stab causing the player to get potentially hit by a projectile they were previously rolling under (which would not happen if dropped into a fall instead of a down-stab).
  • Fixed screenshots showing up distorted on some systems.
  • Made full-screen windowed mode more alt-tab-friendly.
  • Fixed leaderboard display getting misaligned when encountering names with unusual characters in them.

Version 1.02

  • Changed resource packing system to avoid getting a false positive tag by certain over-zealous virus scanners claiming the game is a Trojan (unfortunately this causes the update to be as large as the game itself).
  • Made the level skip warp entrance a bit more obvious in World 1.
  • Exiting the pause menu no longer prevents immediately moving forward without needing to release and re-press left/right.
  • Hitting a large enemy with the back of your sword swing while in the air facing away from them will no longer pull you closer to them.
  • Extended support for DirectInput controllers from 14 buttons to 31 buttons.
  • Can now map mouse buttons to actions like jump and attack.
  • Added ability to make the Look Around button a toggle, via Options -> Settings.
  • Fixed falling far, grabbing a rope, jumping off, and landing causing the "hard land" animation even though didn't fall far from the rope.
  • Volgarr can now step up a few pixels automatically when walking instead of being required to jump over very tiny ledges.
  • Fixed some minor art/collision mismatches in World 5.
  • Now defaults to only loading resources that are needed at startup, to reduce RAM usage and speed up initial load time. However this does cause longer loads between maps. This change can be disabled in Options -> Settings.
  • Fixed rare crash (usually reported as a Runtime Error) when run through many maps in a single play-through.
  • Added a full-screen window option available in the Graphics menu or via the command-line option -fullscreenwindow
  • Added command-line option to force a specific resolution (-w=### -h=###).
  • Added command-line option to force start in windowed mode (-window).
  • Added command-line option to force full screen vsync method (-vsync=1 for cpu, -vsync=2 for gpu, -vsync=3 for neither).
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