Volgarr the Viking
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Troubleshooting Help
Having trouble running the game on your PC? Here's some info that can help!

Command line arguments

If you are a power user, these may be all you need to know to narrow down and fix any problem the game is having. To apply these options, right-click on Volgarr in your Steam library, click Properties, then the Set Launch Options... button. Make sure to include the - character at the start of each argument and separate them with spaces. Most of these settings can be set within the game itself as well, if you can get as far as the pause menu.

NOTE: Requests for DirectX-based interfaces will only work on the Windows version of the game.

-reset : Resets all saved configuration data for the game to default values
-window : Request game to start in windowed mode
-fullscreeen : Request game to start in full-screen mode
-fullscreenwindow : Request game to start in simulated full-screen mode
-w=### : Request a specific resolution/window width for the game (e.g. -w=1024)
-h=### : Request a specific resolution/window height for the game (e.g. -h=768)
-vsync=1 : Force CPU-based vsync timing
-vsync=2 : Force GPU-based vsync timing
-vsync=3 : Let operating system handle vysnc timing however it wants
-vsync=4 : Force manual frame timing (likely cause screen tearing!)
-graphics=1 : Use Direct3D 9 Render Interface
-graphics=2 : Use OpenGL Render Interface
-graphics=3 : Use DirectDraw/D3D 7 Render Interface
-sound=0 : Disable Sound Interface
-sound=1 : Use DirectX Sound Interface
-sound=2 : Use SDL Sound Interface
-music=0 : Disable Music Interface
-music=1 : Use DirectX Music Interface (requires -sound=1 as well!)
-music=2 : Use SDL Music Interface
-controller=0 : Disable Game Controller Interface
-controller=1 : Use DirectInput + XInput Game Controller Interface
-controller=2 : Use SDL Game Controller Interface
-soundquality=1 : Use "Normal" quality for SDL sound (1024 samples @ 44.1Khz)
-soundquality=2 : Use "Buffered" quality for SDL sound (2048 samples @ 44.1Khz)
-soundquality=3 : Use "Fast" quality for SDL sound (512 samples @ 22KHz)
-soundquality=4 : Use "Safe" quality for SDL sound (1024 samples @ 22KHz)
-nosound : Same as -sound=0 -music=0
-nomusic : Same as -music=0

Saved configuration data

It may be useful to know where the game saves its configuration settings, if you want to change them yourself.

Windows: In your System Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crazy Viking Studios\Volgarr the Viking
Windows [SDL]: In %APPDATA%\Crazy Viking Studios\Volgarr the Viking\config.ini
Mac: Inside the Volgarr.app itself as Content/Resources/config.ini
Linux: In $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Crazy Viking Studios/Volgarr the Viking/config.ini ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to ~/.config)

Fullscreen issues on Xubuntu (and possibly other Linux distributions)

This appears to be caused by an outdated SDL2 library built-in to the Steam Runtime - see http://steamcommunity.com/app/247240/discussions/0/594820656471451453/?ctp=4#c535150948598773825 for details. You can place a newer version of the SDL2 library files directly in the same folder as the game's executable to get around this issue. Alternatively, you can use the "SDL" branch, which includes a copy of the SDL2 library with the game, though this may not work on all versions of Linux. To access the SDL branch, right-click on Volgarr in your Steam Library, click Properties, go to the Betas tab, and select the sdl branch from the drop-down list.

I have also had a user of "manjaro" report that they needed to install:

sudo pacman -S lib32-libxkbcommon

to fix the issue for them.

Won't install / file not found / virus detected / trojan reported

Unfortunately some virus scanners will trigger a "false positive" generic trojan in Steam games. Sometimes the scanner won't even tell you it did this, so it may not be obvious at first that the virus scanner is what deleted the game files.

Rest assured the game does not have any viruses - we scan the game with over 50 virus scanners before it is uploaded to Steam, who then themselves also scan it. Here is a report on version 1.34b from VirusTotal showing it clean for all scanners used:


It is recommended that you set your virus scanner to ignore anything in the SteamApps folder, as all games have already been been scanned by Steam before you download them. For more details, see this article:

Troubleshooting tips

* If the game ran previously but doesn't now, try using the -reset command-line argument. If that doesn't work, check if there is a previous version of the game available by right-clicking on Volgarr in your Steam Library, clicking Properties, going to the Betas tab, and looking in the drop-down menu for a "Previous version". If that works, report it in the forum so we can investigate why the previous version works and the current one does not! If it still doesn't work, something must have changed on your PC, so try the below tips!

* If you are running on Windows, try changing the graphics renderer between the 3 options of DirectX7, DirectX9, or OpenGL, from the Options->Graphics menu or using the command-line arguments listed above. The game should look the same regardless, but sometimes one will have a compatibility issue and the others will not. If this fixes it, investigate updating your video card drivers.

* Try disabling as many components as you can by using things like -sound=0, -music=0, and -controller=0. If it fixes the problem, turn them back on one at a time to try to narrow down which specific element of the game is causing the problem you are experiencing. If its the controller module, try un-plugging any controller devices that might be causing problems, and if its sound, try updating your sound drivers. You may also want to try alternate sound and controller modules for the game if you have Windows, by using different combinations of -sound=1/2, -music=1/2, and -controller=1/2.

* If all else fails and you are using Windows, you might want to try out the SDL-based version of the game, which uses the same code as the Mac and Linux versions. This version can't use DirectX for rendering or sound, however. To try it, right-click on Volgarr in your Steam Library, click Properties, go to the Betas tab, and select the SDL beta branch.

* If the game is running at a strange framerate (too fast or too slow), try the -vsync=1/2/3/4 command-line arguments to see if that fixes the problem. You may also want to check your video card's settings to see if it supports per-application configurations. If so, try forcing VSync to be ON for Volgarr in your video card settings to ensure a stable framerate and eliminate screen tearing. You may also want to try using Full Screen Window mode instead of normal Full Screen mode, or vice versa, to see if this affects framerate. You can check the FPS the game is running at by pressing the F3 key on your keyboard - ideally it should match your monitor's current refresh rate (usually 60Hz).

If the game still is giving you problems, you can try posting here in the discussion boards and see if a fellow gamer or myself can help you figure it out, or you can try contacting Steam Support or Adult Swim Games support.
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