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Hammerfan Feb 3, 2014 @ 10:25am
Is there something wrong with Bolin (Game Hero, not Dev)?
So Ive beaten the main campaign of the game, and used several heroes through it.
All of the heroes felt unique and useful...with one exception...

Bolin. He just doesnt do as much as the other heroes.

His Melee attack is Ok (as it should) and the Slowing Tar is pretty good, but his mines do little damage (even when stacked) and his Ranged attack is HORRIBLE. Seriously, I think something might even be bugged with his ranged attack, as it barely does anything.

I tried almost all the other heroes (on the same level) to check if I was just being silly, but I dont think I was.

Right now I find very little reason to use him. If I want a ranged char I just use Alleria or Magus and if I want a hero to get into the melee I could just pick....any melee hero.

And then there is King Denas, who completely and utterly outclasses him as a generalist.

Really, He seems really weak compared to the other heroes, which is a real shame cause I love his theme and his voice lines and I was really looking foward to unlocking him. I am being silly here?
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The Big Alex Feb 4, 2014 @ 10:37am 
Imo Elora with Malik and Alleria are just best heroes. Especially Elora because she brings out slow/aoe and freeze. Bearclaw could be nice but exept he can get not killable he doesnt do that much.
Hammerfan Feb 4, 2014 @ 11:10am 
Originally posted by Snoop Doge:
Imo Elora with Malik and Alleria are just best heroes. Especially Elora because she brings out slow/aoe and freeze. Bearclaw could be nice but exept he can get not killable he doesnt do that much.

Well...Elora is overpowered as heck, her attack damage is completely absurd (reaching Double that of Magus, who is supposed to be 100% damage dealer) and she has a lot more utility.

Honestly all other heroes are great at what they do IMO.

Geralt is the tankiest/second tankiest hero with his Block and he can support a lot due to his ability to buff Infantry, which is great for people who like to use lots of Barracks.

Alleria does good damage, has good mobility and can tank somewhat dispite her low HP due to her wildcat summon.

Malik is good(but not great) at tanking but is really all about the AOE, with a powerful AOE attack and an AOE Stun.

Magus is damage damage damage. His Aoe magic meteor thing does really good damage and hir mirror images add to is already good attack damage. He is also the most mobile character in the game as he simply teleports around.

Ignus is the fastest Melee Character, can tank quite well and has some AOE due to one of his skills (which deals AOE damage AND heals him). His other skill can be a bit iffy though.

King Denas is an All Around Do-it-all. He has good Ranged damage, good melee damage, a good AOE skill and a can even buff nearby towers.

Ingvar is great at tanking due to the invencibility of his Bear Form and the Vinking Ancestors he summons really help with holding down the enemy, so he is great overall.

And then there is Bolin. His Melee and ability to tank are ok, but his ranged attack is incredibly iffy and mines dont come out fast enough to justify the low damage they do. Tar can be good, but if very prone to being wasted if you are not careful with positioning.

I Really do feel Bolin is the weakest of the cast, and I think he needs a buff to both his Ranged attack and his mines.
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I can agree on that Bolin is bad compared to any other hero. His mines are super weak and rarely get into the right place to a hit an enemy, since he throw them around random. Sure, his basic attack and his other ability might be good, but that certainly doesn’t make him worth it. Why pick an hero with one ability that sucks when all the other heroes have at least two functional powers? The fact that he is the only ranged hero with an reload doesn’t help either.
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