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So yeah. 1) Sorcerer Mages are OP. 2) The current version is considerably bugged.
First subject is the Sorcerer Mages. What proves that they're OP? Here you go:
The first image shows that the Sorcerer Mages, even before the Golems, deal too much damage. The Golems don't help because they also deal physical damage so they actually hurt the Demons, and the explosions won't gimp them. But it's the failure to account for Curse's usefulness that makes the Sorcerer Mage OP: Curse status is already anti-armor, group control, AND anti-Demon support. All 3 make it powerful to the point where Sorcerer Mage should not have such a high total DPS value.

The other two pics should tell you why Golems should get an actual respawn time. Veznan's One Winged Angel form now dealing True Damage doesn't fix the underlying issue well enough. The Golems can just respawn back-to-back and keep him from EVER moving.

And it doesn't even help that Sorcerer Mages aren't super-expensive to set up. *coughteslacough*


As to the bugs, I already mentioned a couple here:
These are certainly higher priority than my balance suggestions for patching the competition for Tesla and Sorcerer. (By the way, I will edit the TLDR list to add a minor buff to Holy Strike, because that thing still has flow issues when all is said and done.)

There is, however, a couple of other bugs I didn't mention:
*Poison Arrows will NOT retarget properly. I buy it to deal with Necromancers and oh hey, the Ranger is shooting at the Skeletons. It is likely a failure to check for immunity. Flash Rangers were never that stupid beyond caring more about efficiency than actual tempo in situations where you actually want them shooting the Skeletons. What gives?
*Any boss can be stopped COMPLETELY. Case in point:
With the Sorcerer Mages as is, it would be excusable. But certainly not with a Musketeer Garrison, Barbarian Mead Hall, and Rangers Hideout. And Veznan was stopped in that very location in his FIRST form. Something glitchy this way comes. I think it has to do with resetting the rally points of guys fighting the boss. I can't be sure, but the bug also happened with the Juggernaut, which actually helped me because CANNONS STILL SUCK, but these are still painful bugs needing to die for the good of this game. And there's not one I can think of right now that can be a casualty either.

I hope I got that through.
Kingdom Rush > General Discussions > Topic Details
Date Posted: Feb 2, 2014 @ 5:52pm
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