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Elegnaim May 24, 2014 @ 6:47pm
[REL] Wizardry 8 Combat Animation Speed mod.
(I don't remember if I posted this here before).


This reduces the number of frames in all of the combat animations (enemy attacks, enemy dodges, enemy hit animations, projectile animations/speed, and spell effects) to help combat not be some interminable.

Basically all animations are about half as long now. There's definitely some visual impact, since every other frame was basically removed, and enemy attack animations look sort of weird when they're sped up, but I feel like it's a lot more playable with this.

This is intended to be used with http://wolfie.wiz8.de/Wiz8Fast.html

Just override the original files within the W8 directory that the ones in he zip correspond to.

This probably isn't compatible with other mods.

This should be fine in the Steam version although verifying the game cache would probably get rid of my changes.

Known Issues:
Enemies that shoot or cast spells have little animation scripts that tell when the shooting/casting should happen in the animation cycle. In a few cases I may have forgot to adjust this, so the enemies will try to shoot at you during a frame that's no longer in their animation cycle, crashing the game.

I think I fixed all of these. If you see any crashes, please tell me so I can fix them. Alternatively it's easy to fix these in Cosmic Forge Editor on your own in the meantime.
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Wizardry 8 > General Discussions > Topic Details
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