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BenWah 14 lutego 2013 o 15:53
Truly fantastic game.
This game was NEVER on sale, I'm amazed to see it half off for the linux sale!

HIGHLY recommend this game.

The screens are a little deceiving, it's not simple or easy as you might think.

The difficulty ramps up after the intro, and complexity kicks in when you can start playing different sea creatures with varying abilities.

There are really huge areas to explore, which can be daunting because you lose track of which branch you haven't explored yet.

I'm guessing I'm 1/3rd though the game, loving it so far.

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NBlast 15 lutego 2013 o 2:04 

This is my all-time favorite indie game, and one of the best gaming experieces ever. I got this game in one of the bundles and I tried it in first place because I decided to do some games in alphabetical order.

I was shocked. It's charming, work of art and heart! Music and graphics are top-notch, story is full od suprises and whole game world is giant. It took me 16 hours to finish it, tbut there were lost of secrets to discover - even the additional ending.

It's not for ADHD players and you need to give the game some time for launch with action, but when everything starts rolling, then it is extremely good experience. [9/10]
Ostatnio edytowany przez: NBlast; 15 lutego 2013 o 2:12
I agree; it's a great game. I got it months ago as part of one of the bundles, and I decided to give it a try. However, I found it a bit boring (I had only played a little bit); and, a few months ago, I decided to play through my backlog in an alphabetical order. Got to Aquaria, and started playing from the very beginning, since I had forgotten how to play it. After I got the first form, I was done. There was no going back. I kept going for about 29 hours, getting all the achievements and the extra ending in the process. For those who are new to this game, if the first part seems a bit boring, don't give up. Just keep going, and you'll soon find yourself in one of the best gaming experiences ever.

Perhaps one of my favourite indie games ever; I highly recommend it.
Morente 16 lutego 2013 o 4:57 
I too was going through my backlog alphabetically and been surprised at how charming and wonderful the game is. The soundgreat is absolutely phenomenal, the main character's voice made me fall in love a little with her and the artstyle and setting really set the game apart from any other indie game I've played.

You will need a while to get used to the controls (I played with a controller, which works fine, but mouse and keyboard are well implemented as well) because there's also "singing" apart from just swimming around and shooting stuff but it never gets frustrating or boring or anything even though singing might seem a little odd.
Do yourself a favor and buy it, for 5$ this is an amazing deal!
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