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matthew.carpenter  [developer] Jul 18, 2014 @ 9:09am
Maya LT 2015 Extension 1 Service Pack 2 is now available!
Autodesk® Maya LT™ 2015 Extension 1 Service Pack 2 Release Notes

This Service Pack includes an update to OpenSSL with version 1.0.1h.

What's Fixed:

MAYA-39444: Update to OpenSSL 1.0.1h on Windows
MAYA-40528: Crash when open Cloud import dialog (123D)
MAYA-36106: Update FBX SDK to version 2015.1 (see FBX Help for more information about this update)

MAYA-24623: Insert Edge Loop in Multi-Cut and Quad Draw does not always work correctly
MAYA-26003: If a shape node is named the same as a default camera name (top, side, persp, front) changing to that camera view using the Hotbox creates a new camera
MAYA-31834: Quad Draw, Relax Border Vertices - Shift + middle-drag in area of mesh that doesn't include border vertices will crash
MAYA-33650: Quad Draw fill hole function can sometimes create polys with inverted normals
MAYA-33753: Multi-Cut Slice Tool results are not always correct
MAYA-34671: Files that contain meshes with their tangent space coordinate system set to left-handed don’t re-load properly in Maya
MAYA-35385: UV Texture Editor - Image Range is not working correctly
MAYA-35789: In some cases material assignments are missing after bevel
MAYA-35795: Edit Mesh > Duplicate options missing
MAYA-35982: Maya LT may crash turning on Smooth Mesh Preview (hotkey: 3) when the Subdivision Method is OpenSubdiv and a UV Set named “map11” is present

MAYA-39263: Fixed an issue with blendShape DG evaluation
MAYA-38633: Skinning: some vertices change position after skinning

MAYA-34377: Image Plane - Attribute change display issue
MAYA-36298: Viewport 2.0 with large models causes Graph Editor slowdown
MAYA-38044: Crashing with MacPro AMD 500/700 with soft modification in Viewport 2.0

Attribute Editor
MAYA-32418: Errors occur when 'short' node name is not unique
MAYA-36994: Can't drag and drop connections onto torn off/copied tab

General Editors
MAYA-9496: Fixed an issue with channelBox -attrColor and -attrBgColor flags not being supported
MAYA-38689: Cannot import .mlt files by right-clicking in Samples Visor
MAYA-39085: Import settings are not always respected when importing files with Samples Visor
MAYA-39722: Graph Editor: File will not save after changing keys in Graph Editor

MAYA-38477: Channel query error is raised during FBX Export
MAYA-38132: Cloud Import/Export - Window persists on startup even after exiting and deleting user preferences
MAYA-35349: Cloud Import/Export - File selection persists between Import/Export tabs
MAYA-35285: Cloud Import/Export - Settings interaction and interface improvement
MAYA-35344: Cloud Import/Export - Inconsistent file path convention in "Look in" field
MAYA-35338: Cloud Import/Export - Parent Directory button interaction improvements
MAYA-39200: Game Exporter - Playback button could also frame time range
MAYA-38929: Game Exporter - Preset gets switched to Anim Default on importing a new object

Find learning resources for Maya LT at:

Find support and troubleshooting resources at:

For the latest list of certified hardware to run Maya LT, including graphics cards, refer to the Certified Hardware tool:
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Vendetta Jul 23, 2014 @ 10:33pm 
Develop a version for Linux, please :)
MAYA-35220: Modeling Toolkit Symmetrize doesn't work with certain meshes and produces error: Symmetry seam is non-planar

that bug fixed in Extension 1, still occurs into the current version, make meonly be able to work in symetry with the old method, and i must to disable the auto activation of the modeling kit :/
that the mess really, fix that!
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Chao Dec 7, 2014 @ 7:06am 
i was just wondering, if i buy the Maya LT for $30.00 is it just good for a month? and then you need to pay another $30.oo for renewal?
iamcreasy Jan 15, 2015 @ 3:37am 
@MatheusVEVO Vote here.

Since their development team is small, they will only implemented most requested features.
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