Dolby Digital & DTS - 5.1 problem - no sound
Watch Dogs on my PC have no sound from my Dolby Digital 5.1 system. Codec dolby digital live checked, 5.1 system checked, all other games, including other ubi games like AC4 working fine.
If i change to 2.1 (2 ch) in windows options - i have sound in this game., but if i change back to Dolby Digital 5.1 This Game "Watch_Dogs" have NO SOUND.
Game running perfecty
I use optical cable from my sound blaster card to my receiver Denon.

Please fix it faster. This is first PC game on my memory where i have problem with 5.1 sound.

Common UBI team... what's going on ? ! I can't play like this. I'll wait a patch !!!

Big deception getting this game in day one !!!
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This has been discussed in Ubi Foruns, too.

And, finally, they added to the "Known Issues".

I'm still waiting...
I lost all hope on this issue...
Still waiting on this. I posted so much on the tech forum that they banned me from it. They don't make announcements, they don't keep the people in the loop. I was looking forward to that new Assassin's Creed game, but I cannot purchase something from a company that takes your money and "runs."
Is this referring to the 1/8" TRS jacks and actual computer speakers? I have an optical cable from my computer to my receiver and the only problem I have is I have to turn the volume up when playing this game. All other games, Youtube, etc. I have to remember to turn it down.
For those with an X-fi or other Sound Blaster there is an option in the Audio Control Panel to enable CMSS 3D Surround to emulate 5.1. If I switch this on I get sound out of all speakers but with it off I get nothing at all. This is the third game I have come across with this issue, the first two being Call of Duty World at War and Black Ops, both had this patched within a couple of weeks of release.
I can play it with my soundblaster if I disable optical 5.1. My problem is that I play with an Astro headset that requires the optical input. I think they need to patch this thing. It is written on the box, 5.1 surround highly recommended!

I'm just not going to buy anything else from them until they fix this. I hope others do the same.
Between the sound not working and SLI on my 690 making the game run worse (both problems acknowledged by Ubi in Known Issues since launch day) I'm not getting another game from them again until they are confirmed to work and even then I'm going to wait for it to be in the bargain bin. I was really looking forward to Far Cry 4 but I can't buy it and support this kind of behaviour from Ubi.
Totally agree with you "The Dude." I was hoping to buy Far Cry 4 as well. I've been playing PC games since the 80's, and never seen a company treat their customers this way.
In addition, right now their support forums are down, go figure.
The new Patch from Creative fixes the problem!

Here is the direct Download-Link to the new Driver.

- Updating the audio driver to version
- Updated ASIO Driver USB Driver version 1.00.00.
- Update Panel Audio Control Panel to version 3.01.03.
- Updated to version 1.45.01 utility ALchemy.
- Update Utility Entertainment Console version 3.01.03.
- Update Utility version 2.21.17 Volume Panel.
- Improved Dolby Digital Live (DDL) with games based on the audio XAudio2 API (Windows Vista/7/8/8.1).
- Support for Windows ASIO playback Vista/7/8/8.1.

How to make it work: Open the Entertainment Console and chose Dolby Digital Live. There enable the second point and ignore the warning. Then go to your Windows Sound Settings and choose the Creative SoundBlaster Speaker (Not digital!). Have fun playing Watch Dogs with 5.1 Surround Sound
And as the bloody big moron I am, I bought FarCry 4 last night exspecting better sound than Unity's ♥♥♥♥, and I have no sound either after the first cutscene. - I am using optical out to a Pioneer MCS-434 5.1. Wtf....
This is a problem UBI ♥♥♥♥♥ has had in EVERY game they make. 22 AC titles, 14 Splinter cell titles, Watchdogs, you name it. Broken Dolby support since 2002. That's 14 frigging years of NOT FIXING this problem in nearly 40 games ! Un ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ believable !
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