Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sgt. Dornan 8 SEP 2013 a las 10:09
Consider adding this:
  • Disguises. You are able to look similar from enemies, but getting too close to them will blow it.
  • Interactions. You can push enemies off a cliff or hill if you successfully sneak up on them.
  • Guns. Adding sniper rifles, explosives, ect. would be great
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TrixyTrixter 12 SEP 2013 a las 5:10 
Sniper rifles? probably not. but a hunting rifle that is something thats needed.

id love to take the metal mustache of my fallen enemies and glue it to my face XD

would be a little cool but i myself have never seen an enemy in a position where it would help me to puch them.
Kirby7128 14 SEP 2013 a las 20:09 
Yeah, sniper rifles sounds a little too high-tech for the tone of this game. There is already a hunting rifle and throwable dynamite, so that's been taken care of. Disguises, however, would be BRILLIANT. I love that idea! Finally, the whole stealth thing sounds like something you would really have to play around with. I can't get within three meters of those bally robots, so that is definitly an issue if you're going to do stealth (then again, where's the fun if you make it easy?). Also, if you make it some sort of stealth instakill, like rendering the robot completely nonfunctional (break it's head, where all of the vital "thinking" components presumably are, or push it off to a long fall with a sudden stop, or otherwise make it incapable of hunting you) might make it too easy for some, no? You'll end up with one class of people who go through the game with 100% stealth and don't have a care in the world because they just stealth-kill EVERYTHING, and then another demographic who's just feeling a bit underachieving because the aformentinoned "elite" are having such an easy time of it and don't even need to carry weapons anymore, while they're desperatly trying to find amuntion for their hard-earned revolvers/hunting rifles/shotguns. Also, what would you do with the squires (the big ones in pink jackets)?
Here's a thought though: instead of stealth kills, implement pickpocketing. When you get up behind a robot, you can get an interact button. Do the interaction, and you can deprive the robot of any spare ammunition in his pockets so long as you aren't spotted in the process and/or the robot you are pickpocketing doesn't move off (that part could make pickpocketing more trouble than it's worth, so you could theoretically freeze the robot while he's being pickpocketed, unless you're spotted, in which case he unfreezes - might break immersion, but from what I've seen robots don't wait in a single spot for very long. Or, seeing as how most robots I've seen only carry a single extra bit of ammo, just make it so that, if you have the 1x1 space for shotgun shells/revolver ammo, or the 1x2 space for rifle ammo, as the robots apparently start carrying hunting rifles later on, the ammuntion is instantly added to your inventory in the spare space, and you can move it around later. You could also freeze the whole world while you're pickpocketing, but that would be even more likely to break immersion than freezing the one robot). Don't let a person steal a robot's gun though; I rather doubt it is physically possible for someone to snatch a gun out of a person's hands without the person who is holding the gun noticing. The finding of a gun to use the ammunition would remain to the old-fashioned approach: finding them randomly in houses, or killing robots.
That's my two cents, anyways - actually, does it still count as only two cents when I've written a whole two paragraphs?
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Joy 15 SEP 2013 a las 9:33 
i dont think stealth killing makes it easy, i loved trying to be sneaky in dishonoured and i didnt find that super easy or anything, i would really like to see some more "cover" added and an ability to insta-kill robots silently, i think it would still be hard especially with the pairs of robots who just wander around looking in almost every direction
Venom Snake 16 SEP 2013 a las 15:23 
No offense man but, dishonored is an extremely easy game in terms of stealth.

I had to restrict myself from using any powers apart from blink and non lethal kills only to make the game a challange.

And that kind of gameplay isn't suited for Sir anyway.

The game is supposed to be where you're some guy being hunted.

Sure, once in a while you can become a hunter by getting your hands on some bullets but, stealth kills would allow people to become lethal with nothing but their bare hands (Or maybe a knife).

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