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Verdun F.A.Q.
Frequently asked questions
Here we will maintain a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

What is the WWI Game Series about?
The series is a platform for our passion to create historical World War 1 games and novel First Person Shooter experiences. Currently the WW1 Game Series includes Verdun and Tannenberg. These authentic WW1 shooters let players choose from a range of squads from across the war, as they fight for control of the ever-changing frontlines.

What is Verdun?
Verdun is a WW1 shooter set on the Western Front. Players experience merciless trench warfare in the Frontlines game mode, which sees each side attack and counter attack in turn as they attempt to occupy enemy trenches. The first team to push all the way to the enemy’s final trench is the winner. Read more on the Verdun store page!

What is Tannenberg?
Tannenberg is the second entry in the WW1 Game Series, covering the Eastern Front. Russian troops battle Austro-Hungarian and German squads. It features new squads, weapons and maps, as well as the 64 player Maneuver game mode. Tannenberg is a standalone expansion, meaning you do not need to own Verdun to play. Read more on the Tannenberg store page!

When are the most players active in the game?
If you’re looking for people to play Verdun and Tannenberg with, the best time to be online is between 17:00 - 23:00 CEST. That’s 15:00-21:00 UTC, 11:00-17:00 EDT, or 8:00-14:00 PDT.

On which other platforms is the game released?
Currently the game is available for PC on Windows, Linux+SteamOS and Mac, and is also out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation is supported!

Is there single player?
While there isn’t a single player campaign, Verdun does have full AI bot support for the Frontlines game mode, so you can play entirely by yourself.

Does the game feature gas warfare?
Yes, during the course of the war there were several types of gas used. Assault Troops (Canadians & Stoßtruppen) can call in a gas attack via artillery. This starts out as Chlorine and via squad level will become Mustard gas. Every squad can equip their gas mask if they need to go through a cloud, press 4!

Will the game feature other fronts?
New fronts will be added through new standalone releases, like Tannenberg added the Eastern Front.

Will the game feature tanks and planes?
Verdun is an infantry based game, and because most of the fighting during World War One involved infantry and artillery battles these two elements play the biggest role. Planes are in the game as they can be called in by recon squad officers to spot enemy movements. Damaged or otherwise inoperable tanks can be found scattered around the map, as during most of the fighting they were taken out, bogged down in the mud or suffered from mechanical failures.

What are Trench Rats?
Trench Rats are players that know the game/trenches very well. They help the developers support the game by answering your questions, clarifying topics and, sharing news and passing along interesting discussions. Keep in mind the Trench Rats are volunteers that support the game, while development decisions are made by the development team.

Can I make videos and monetize them on YouTube?
We love user made content and encourage you making machina/let's plays and other WW1 Game Series related videos. If you would like to monetize a WW1 Game Series video we have no problem with that, though a link to the game would be appreciated. We’ll only remove your videos if they contain cheating software or any offensive/inappropriate content.
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