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Blazy013  [developer] Aug 24, 2015 @ 10:29am
Meet our frontline soldiers
Let us introduce to you our frontline soldiers:

I'm Jim (Volcol), I'm a 24 year old chap from the north of England. The first world war has been a passion of mine for a very long time and I've been a gamer since my youth. For Verdun I've worked on anything from character art/rigging, to environmental art, mapping, and my favorite area to work with ... weapon art. As a personal touch, the British forces in game use a West Yorkshire cap badge, the badge worn by my ancestors throughout the war.

Hello I am Tijmen, I recently joined the Verdun team as a game programmer. When I’m not squashing bugs and adding cool new features I like to overwhelm my opponents with Zerglings or explore the vast plains of Tamriel.

Howdy, I'm Chillydog3D, I've been with the game for 1 year now working with Volcol on weapons and props, fixing old assets and adding new ones. I enjoy working on the game as it's on an interesting subject, a rarely explored one in games and the media. When I'm not working on the game I'm usually exploring new workflows to improve my work...on the game.

I'm Sjors of Rotor Games, I have been a freelance level designer and environment artist for Verdun for the past years. Basically, this makes me responsible for fun/functional aspects like the trenches and the challenges in the nomansland but also visualizing the levels to be well navigable and interesting to look at. What is nice to know is that I collect video games, from Atari 2600 to current generation, as well as old DOS/PC games from the 90s.

Hi, my name is Justin Meijer, and I’m a game programmer at GAMEDIA. When M2H asked us to help them out with the development of Verdun, I was very excited. My tasks for Verdun include fixing bugs, improving performance and adding new features. In my free time I’m hunting Achievements and Trophies on my consoles (no PC Master Race for me).

I am Merlijn, and I work as a game programmer at GAMEDIA. I have mostly been fixing bugs or helping out with other features as needed. Working on Verdun has and continues to be a great experience.

I’m Bart, and I compose & orchestrate music for media such as films & games. Halfway the development of Verdun I had the honor to write some music for Verdun. On top of that, I'm the evil guy who has people from different nationalities scream their lungs out for Verdun. In games set in the past, I always strive for historic accuracy and dramaturgic value, to support the game with a musical convincing atmosphere.

I’m Bram, a fisherman loving the outdoors and game marketer for projects such as Verdun. I’m always looking for a good harmony between the customer-developer and grasping all opportunities to promote Verdun.

I’m Stephanie (Blazy013 on Steam), and I work together with Bram on the marketing for Verdun. Interesting to know is that I work(ed) on several war games, though this is the first war game in the WW1 setting. This gives me the opportunity to learn a lot of historical WW1 facts.

I'm Tom, Wilson on the forums, and I help out around the forums, Discord and on other social media. Interested in WW1 history!

Verdun founders
I'm the co-founder of M2H which I run together with my brother Matt. I've been developing games just over 10 years now and worked on a diverse set of games. Being able to compare and mix the experience from all different games (from business to gameplay) is what keeps game development a lot of fun.
Cooperative multiplayer games is what I love most. Unfortunately there are very few of these games so it's up to us to change this.

I’m the other co-founder of M2H and now you can probably figure out our company name ;). I am one of the main developers of Verdun and you have probably already seen me on the forums or in-game. My skill set is pretty all round, yet I have a specialty in art, and 3D in particular.

I’m Jos , Verdun Co-Founder and CEO at BlackMill Games. With great joy I work on Verdun every day in which my main focus is programming, prototyping, animating and research. My childhood impressions of the Verdun area served as the main inspiration and driving force since the project’s inception in 2006.

Moderator accounts
WW1 Game Series
General account managed by multiple people when extra support is needed around updates and releases.

Trench Dog
General account managed by multiple people when an extra pair of hands is needed in the community.

Special Thanks
My name is Nanda, I’m a character animator and have recently started creating new and improved first person animations for Verdun. I started out working on animations for TV (e.g. the 2D feature animated film 'Triple Trouble) and just recently became active in the game industry where I won my first Dutch game prize at the Global Game Jam 2015 together with several developers including Mike Hergaarden.

Hi my name is Bob, I'm a 26 year old Game Developer from the Netherlands. I'm very excited about working on this great project and visiting Verdun in real life next week. Hope to meet most of you in-game soon and to hear about your feedback. Cheers!

I am a Military Historian from Amsterdam and I have been playing computer games for more than thirty years. Verdun is an excellent example of representation of history in a game and I am very happy to be part of it.

  • Bishop - veteran trench rat / veteran war wolf
  • Don durandal - veteran trench rat
  • Ironstorm 767 - trench rat / war wolf
  • Harrigarno - trench rat / war wolf
  • RSW2002 - trench rat / war wolf

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