Single player ?
Steam says there is a Single player mode, but as far as I know there isn't one.
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why not?
Bishop Sep 14 @ 7:23am 
The main game mode Frontlines can be played single player, you and a team of bots fighting the opposition made up of bots.

Squad defence can be played solo as well, you defending against increasing numbers of bots in a wave attack mode.

RDM/Attrition are multiplayer only.
Ryu Sep 14 @ 5:02pm 
Playing against bots is actually quite fun, if you've ever played any of the old Battlefield Games, or something like Ravenfield then you'll like what's on offer here. You are also able to progress/unlock equipment against bots which is nice since the game is virtually dead.
the bots need a little tweaking as they're often able to spot and kill you instantly which frustrates but apart from that they do a fairly good job of occupying you while you play.

you don't get the full experience until you play on a full human populated server where the dynamics change greatly as the bots obviously can't replicate how we play plus, currently, don't use all their abilities.

imho SP is a way to practice but be prepared for a sock when you get to MP, albeit a nice one.
a short campaign with story mode or ranking up would be nice Offline.
Originally posted by kubanskiloewe:
a short campaign with story mode or ranking up would be nice Offline.
You can level up your personal level and squad levels while playing offline btw

However there are no plans for a campaign/story mode
Bots are realy fun to play tbh. They are one of the best ive seen besides the one of Day of Infamy
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