Shot in the hand doesn't register as a valid hit ?!
I guess the title is clear enough. I hope someone else can confirm this as well.I just play as sniper and I'm pretty sure it's not me missing the shots I've been testing this for a while in so many matches and I had no chance of damaging somebody when shooting in their hand and I hope this gets fixed ASAP!
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Gin May 4 @ 7:49am 

Those enemy WW1 veterans have a "Sleight Of Hand" perk.

While you are confused and wondering why they don't seem to get hurt by your shot,
they actually catch the bullets and send them off to the smelter,
just so new bullets can be made...
D1Gamer May 5 @ 12:36am 
Maybe they're modelling the full hands with 10 fingers, so even if you lose 1 finger you still have 9 others to pull the trigger with... lol
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Showing 1-2 of 2 comments
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