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Game wont start Help
hey guys so im new to PC so this might be an easy fix but i just want to see if i can get some help. I havent played in about a month and the game wont start for me after months of working . it opens to the loading screen and then quits. Any idea what the reason could be? help ya boy out please
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What are your computer specifications? (Operating System, Graphics Card, Processor, and RAM)

Could you share your game log file via as well please?

Where to find the file and how to share:
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Frenzi Feb 17 @ 2:45pm 
same problem for me ... .. still with no solutions
Humi Feb 17 @ 4:54pm 
Same issue for like 6 months or more with Windows 7 and 960 card. I gave up.
Did you verify Games Cache?
dannyb97 May 13 @ 5:30pm 
yep verfiying worked for me, appriate the help. i love you please have my babies
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