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Getting disconnected
Hey guys..
im always getting disconnected by timeout.
Ive already opened all ports listed on some forums page in my router and i also tried disabling firewall / windows anti virus. but all with the same result.
adding --use_old_ports to my start options also didnt do something different. also did --use_crc_checks ..
Its a really weird behaviour cause my friend just living some houses next to me dont have these issues.
does anybody have another idea what we can do.
disconnect happens sometimes after 1-2 minutes. but sometimes i can play for more than 15mins. but then all player start stop moving and shooting for 20secs and i get back to main menu to reconnect with "no problems" just to see a timeout a few minutes later again..
I saw this is a "well known" problem in this game. but isnt there a solution?

Opened Ports (FRITZ!Box 7520)

Game TCP 27015 - 27030
Game TCP 27036 - 27037
Game UDP 4380
Game UDP 27000 - 27031
Game UDP 27036
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Axobi May 7 @ 12:39pm 
You can wait for this fix forever, they will never fix this issue. Had the same issue, even on some servers it will work, but on some it dont. It may be a server issue the one you are playing on. Just keep on trying each day and you might find a server where it will not kick you out. This issue exist since 2016 and under.
do you have another ISP than your friend? could be some routing issue from your isp. I have this problem with TESO.
I started to get this issue after the last small update, I can joni the game and then there comes lag spike and then it kicks me to menu and says ''servertimeout''
Chaos May 11 @ 5:18am 
Got this problem too since the last update. This sucks so much. I also noticed the playerbase has shrunk noticably since then, i think this is one of the reasons this game isnt' so popular as it could be. I too already think of quitting the game for a few weeks and start with another, functioning game.
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Showing 1-4 of 4 comments
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