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[FAQ] Dual Spring Offensive
This is a list of frequently asked questions about the Dual Spring Offensive event.

What is the the Dual Spring Offensive event?
It’s a special event where casualties in every Frontlines battle are tracked. It will run from March 18th until March 27th, when we will see if the Entente or Central Powers emerged victorious.

While the campaign is running, you can earn unique medals for taking part. The most prestigious Dual Spring Offensive veteran medal is awarded to those who have fought in at least 5 battles on the Western Front and 5 battles on the Eastern Front.

How do I join?
All you have to do is fight in public battles, in Frontlines mode. Every kill you make will contribute to the total… along with every death you suffer.

Which battles count?
Only public (not custom) Frontlines mode battles count for earning medals and measuring casualties.

Which kills count towards the event total?
All kills that involve a player will count towards the casualty number of the campaign. Meaning, bots that kill other bots will not be taken into account. So the deaths that will count are a bot taking down a player, a player taking down a bot and a player taking down another player.

Do I have to pick a side? Can I flip sides?
You don’t have to pick a side, and as such you can flip sides if you like. You can still fight for whichever side you prefer in any given battle. Feel free to fight for whichever faction is the underdog at any given time if you like! Or you could support the current winners to try and increase the margin of victory…

Which medals can I earn?
The Dual Spring Offensive veteran medal has three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Bronze - fight at least one battle on one front during the campaign.
  • Silver - fight at least one battle on both fronts during the campaign.
  • Gold - fight at least five battles on each front during the campaign (that means at least five Verdun Frontlines games, and at least five Tannenberg Maneuver games).

How long will the event last?
The event will last until March 27th 2022.

Where can I see how things are going?
The current status of the campaign will be visible in the main menu, and after each battle you complete. You can see current casualty figures and how much time is left. After each battle you’ll be able to see how the fighting you just finished contributed to the totals. We will also be providing updates on our Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and our Discord server.
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