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Is this game (and tannenberg) worth it to get it these days?
I like a lot Historical FPS like this one, and it called my attention because of the setting, accurate presentation and gameplay of course. I also like to play immersive multiplayer games like this. So, it's worth it to get it? Or this is a dead game already and I shouldn't be bother with it?
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Broetchen Mar 27 @ 4:08pm 
Both have a solid playerbase in US and EU regions. You'll easily find populated servers in the evening, especially on weekends. If you want numbers, check SteamDB:
Tannenberg playernumbers[]
Verdun playernumbers[]

Just buy them, try them out and if the games are not like you expected, refund them according to the refund policy of Steam.
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both totally worth but i still prefer Verdun due to the feel of trenchwarefare
I bought both on sale ($10 each) - completely worth it.
Both yes , then depend of your preferences Verdun is more realistic in terms of Trech warfare of push the enemy and gain territory and Tannenberg its more Capture the zone ...but give it a try
JChaos Apr 1 @ 5:38pm 
I enjoyed this game a lot
Verdun is a great game to jump in from time to time, it never disappointent in the 5 years i own it. the gunplay is better than in many open world'ish "milsim" shooters like hell let lose and the action is straight forward. if you like ego shooters with a historic background this is still pretty much a must have for your steam libary.
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