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X Apr 14 @ 8:12pm
48 players is better than 64 in every way
So yesterday we had several 48 players matches, and it was more fun, more challenging, more dynamic, ran way smoother, was more immersive, and felt more like WW1 than regular public 64 games.

I know, 48 is less players than 64.
It doesn't sound glamorous.

The real reason why it's better is not because there is less players.
That part you don't even notice much (the trenches don't feel empty).

I can give you a few reasons but it's something you have to experience for yourself.

I honestly think most people who play 64 would prefer 48 if they actually gave it a shot.
Those who miss 32 would probably like it too.

So start a match, copy paste the settings below, play a match (or a few) and post in the comments what you think.

Comparing regular 64 matches to 48 with the settings I used :

- the game is way more dynamic, like old 32 players matches
- foothold times are either short or non-existent, so you have to rush in the trench
- battles are more decisive
- a lot more of back and forth attack / defend instead of fighting for the same trench for 15 minutes
- artillery is useful again
- a lot more artillery gives it a more immersive WW1 feel, but it's still not too much
(I set squads to lvl 1)
- the game runs way smoother (a lot more FPS)
- going "over the top", and then either failing miserably or capturing the trench rather quickly feels more realistic imo
- when you kill many in a trench they are not immediately replaced by a huge spawn so you actually feel like you are doing something
- bots are more challenging


"addsquadtype" optional, these commands were initially for a classic verdun match (roomsize of 32)

Commands details :

/setroomsize 48
/setfillbots 48
/setabilitycooldownmodifier 1

/setsquadlevel 1

/addsquadtype entente chasseurs
/addsquadtype entente canadians
/addsquadtype entente poilus
/addsquadtype entente tommies
/addsquadtype entente belgians
/addsquadtype entente doughboys
/addsquadtype entente marines
/addsquadtype entente scottish

/setbotaccuracy 0
/setbotdamage 1000
/setbotsightrange 1000
/setbotshootrange 200

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It's funny how only a year ago this community was dying for 64 player public matches.
Yuithgf Apr 15 @ 6:19am 
imo 32x verdun didnt feel empty because 32 players isnt enough, but because servers were rarely full.

bots would be an easy solution to that, but bots in verdun sucks, especially compared to tannen's bots.
So I take it you're one of the 12 bots
X Apr 15 @ 8:23am 
So did any of you try 48 players with these settings?

Copy paste the settings and try it! That's the whole point....
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