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[Ref] Where to find game log files:
Game log files are very helpful when reporting most bugs. (and crashes, see below please)

If in doubt, share yours via Pastebin, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc. anyway. (Sharing the link in your report)

The output_log.txt can be found here:
C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\WW1 Game Series\WW1 Game Series

Or use Windows' RUN / Copy+Paste into the File Explorer Address Bar:

%APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\WW1 Game Series\WW1 Game Series

There is also a shortcut to it in the game's Local Files / inside of the WW1GameSeries Folder, "LocalLow LogFile Shortcut." Which is useful to save a copy, share via Pastebin, or use the Open File Location. (right clicking on the shortcut)

The player.log can be found here:

The player.log can be found here:
~/.config/unity3d/WW1 Game Series/WW1 Game Series/Player.log

You can use a file sharing service (Google Drive/Drop Box/etc.) or
If the game log file can fit. Max size a Paste can be is: 512 KB (0.5 MB)

Note: Everytime you launch Verdun (or Tannenberg) your game log file is overwritten. So best to make a copy of it, if you experience a bad bug or crash.

Pastebin Walkthrough Videos
Old videos for Verdun, FYI, but the basic idea is there.

Output_Log for Windows:

Player.Log for Mac:

Note: No video for Linux but you are going to need to find the player.log as well, and share it via (See above)
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For Windows Crashes, you can find the crash folder here:
%APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\WW1 Game Series\WW1 Game Series\Crashes
There you can use something like Google Drive/Dropbox/some sort of File sharing service for sharing the compressed/zipped crash folder (WinRar, 7zip, etc.).

If you don't see a crash folder under LocalLow, check under your Local directory:
%APPDATA%\..\Local\Temp\WW1 Game Series\WW1 Game Series\Crashes

Don't think Mac/Linux generate crash folders, so for those systems, going to need the Player Logs. (See above)

Where should I report bugs/crashes?

The best place for the Devs to keep track of bugs is on their Support Website / Bug Tracker.

Make sure your report is not already reported on the website, and if it is, comment and vote on it, please.


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