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I need help, i can´t play verdun, i think since last updapte or something like that i can´t play, i just click play on steam and the game start but i just wait on the verdun load screen and i can´t play
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sfh0525 May 14 @ 5:04am 
plz upload your output_log.txt and PC hardware.
Some of my friends also find extreme long loading or fail to load the game.
I think its probably the new "feature" that the game will now laod both tannenberg and verdun at same time and this will cause some poor pc fail/hard to load the game.
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Tijmen May 14 @ 6:28am 
Heya, like sfh0525 asked, can you upload a log file? It is located in the installation folder.

Can you make sure you verify your files too, that sometimes solves it. Thanks!
M2H_Matt  [developer] May 14 @ 7:58am 
Please report your bug here:
Flaw May 14 @ 9:37am 
not a single person is online?
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