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Some questions.
I want to buy this game, and I have some questions:

1) Are there any people in this game or are there only bots here (like Tannenberg)?

2) Are there many maps?

3) Are there many types of weapons?

4) Are there tanks here?

5) Is it worth it to buy?
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elok May 13 @ 1:58pm 
1) there are more people than tannenberg, you have to jump around from eu to us servers to find full games though

2) you have some choice, they range from attrocious to decent

3) yes but only the rifles are really useful, the rest just encourage sitting in a back trench and being useless

4) they're as useful as the armored cars in tannenberg

5) if it was a year or two ago i would've said yes, but now its not really worth the money
1) yeah there's always a full game in either EU or NA. As of now there are no bots in frontlines.
2) there's... Enough. There's I think 8.
3) eh... There's a reasonable variety - MGs, bolt action rifles/carbines, a semi auto, various pistols, knifes, clubs, spades, flamethrower, couple of automatic rifles... There are a few extras and variations in there, overall there's around 40 guns, not including attachments and whatnot... Take that as you will.
4) no
5) read reviews, or the other thread about that from a couple days back.
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Thomas May 13 @ 2:49pm 
1) Ja, Bots gibt es nur in einem (unbeliebten) Spielmodus, Rest nur Spieler.
2) 7-8 Karten
3) Wesentlich mehr Trupps und Waffen als in Tannenberg.
4) Panzer sind da, allerdings nur statisch zur Deckung/Deko.
5) Mir macht es nach 1200 Stunden immer noch sehr viel Spaß.

Falls du Mitspieler suchst, melde dich :-)
1. There are no bots in Frontlines matches. There are bots that you fight against in Squad Defense though, but the Devs are considering adding bots to Frontlines when a regional server's population is low.

2. There are 9 maps in the game. 8 for all game modes, but only Vauquois is exclusive to Attrition and Rifle Deathmatch (RDM):

3. Altogether there around 40 weapons, with two only available in Attrition/RDM (T-Gewehr is only available in Attrition. 1918 RSC is for both modes):

EDIT: Each squad in Frontlines has their own setup of loadouts (+abilities) in Fronlines (and Squad Defense):

4. There are no plans to add vehicles, like tanks:

5. I would recommend checking it out, but if you don't end up enjoying the game. You can always request a refund. (Of course, before two hours of game time)

P.S. If you find that you have suggestions on the weapons and loadouts in the game, welcome to leave feedback on the Balancing Document.
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It seems important to add, that the weapons are not free to chose from. Each role has 3 load-outs to chose from. So lets say, the SMLE rifle and 2 grenades, or the Webley revolver and 3 grenades, or the MLE rifle and a trench club. The load-outs themselves are set and can not be changed.
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This game is slowly dying and the devs dunno what to do...
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