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The Lebel Rifle. You've been using it wrong all the time
Probably the Lebel's biggest con people nag about is it's tube-magazine which takes ages to load once it's empty. Well what if I told you, you weren't supposed to constantly empty and refill it? The Lebel originates in the generation of rifles that seceeded single shot weapons. The idea was, to have a single shot rifle with a magazine for emergencies like, an unexpected enemy advance, clearing out trenches or fending off a cavalry charge. The real-life weapon has a lever on the right side to cut off the magazine when it's not needed, putting the gun on single-shot mode. To simulate the magazine cut-off in game, simply turn on manual bolting, and press "R" right after you shoot instead of your left mouse button. If you use the Lebel in it's intended role, you will find it is a reliable, ammo-saving if slightly slow and outdated weapon, just like it's real life counterpart in the great war.
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The correct way to use the Lebel is not at all.
Nice joke Black Yoshi! I love the Lebel! Been using it since beta. True it is not as good at reloading as the SMLE or Kar but it sights very nice and fires pretty quick.
I think considering games are now 64 players and that you will always have double the amount of people/AI zombies dogpiling you, any gun that can load more than one bullet at the same time is automatically 100% more useful than the ones that load one at a time. ♥♥♥♥, even the Berthier is more viable than the Lebel because of this.

This strategy is only really viable on RDM - possibly your own option if you really want a bayonet on your gun. It could have been possible to use the Lebel in such a way back in the x32 era, but that mode got killed off unceremoniously so not so much at all these days.
Sulomon Mar 8 @ 11:43am 
I really like the look and feel of the lebel even if it's painfully slow.
Well I have been using the Reichsrevolver a lot lately and nothing loads as slow as that thing. Still getting 75+ kills. You just have to adjust your playing style. Hide during the 3 minute reload! lol
Since 64 players the Lebel is not the weapon of choice. Like the 10 shooters. Even 5 shooters are useless facing a spawn of 10 or 15 enemies.
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Yuithgf Mar 9 @ 8:48am 
if youre facing mostly bot and youre in a poilus squad, try to get a chauchat mle 15. most accurate MG in the game, youll waste few ammo compared to other MGs and almost every bullet can be a dead bot.
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