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Who would want a HUGE survival guide ?
Hello there ! Its your favorite (unknow as hell we all know that don't pretend) French Lord, and I'm here to ask you a simple question :

Who may want a complete, well explained and well edited survival guide about our precious trench warfare ?

And by that I mean, a HUGE remaster of my previous attempt to do it (only in french, never translated it, this is one of the mistake I intend to fix by doing an english version with subtitles for many languages)

Here is the previous attempt :

Back in the day, i just spoke about some strategy, basic roles, added some jokes, made it look like a propaganda of the French army and sent it to youtube, however, it wasn't what you would call, a "guide", this is why I am planning to remake it.

Im actually writing everything and think about a way to record it (since we have a spectator mod, it will be a lot easier) I want to explain EVERYTHING about the game, this may be a long video (maybe 45 minutes Oo who knows) or many shorts videos by category. From every squad, to every roles, to every known strategy and maybe add some of the game veterant's quotes and advices. I also want to make it look like the last one, in the form of a propaganda film which could have been watched before going to the trench, with, of course, loads of jokes about it.

But here I am, I obviously can't do this alone, i need people, a LOT of people to act in a lot of scenes, and im calling YOU, who are reading this. I can write the entire speech, can plan the recording, but i miss actors, and veterants of the game to teach me how they are actually playing or if the guide is correct. I may have 540+ hours and participated in 2 ENC (european nation cup) but a lots of player have way more than 1k hours, so i don't pretend to be the best general and all advices and help are welcome ! :D

To summer up this entire subject : Would you be interested in :

- Taking part of the recording as actor/voices (for English voice, i will do the french version)
- Giving me some of your personnal advices for strategy i could add to the guide (veterants)
- Giving me some jokes i could add in the guide (I mean RP jokes linked to it, you know, propaganda and all :p )

The final goal is to make a guide which will be meant to stay for a long time, not outdated like my previous one. Last time, i made it with 2 forgotten french team, the "Lp" and "152ème", since im the last one playing (exept one or two people who plays one time a month) i can't call them again :'( .

Depending of the number of people interested, i would be able to add scenes and different other content. On the contrary, of no one is interested, i may have to abandon this project :'(.

Thanks for reading ! (and maybe for being interested in the idea :D )

Edit : I almost forgot : I will do the planning after i know if some people are down or not. don't ask me when i will organise it ;) Plus, my editing skills are a lot better now than they were in the past. Exepect more quality added ! :)
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Sounds gr8
Shoerat Feb 1 @ 6:30pm 
I'm down.
Im back ! :)

Actually, im almost done with writing the basics, but i encounter ONE problem, not a huge one, but still.

Is there a way to remove halo arount characters in spectator mode ? Because i don't want to do it like last time, when i was forced to keep a gun on the screen. It will be a lot better if i could do that :/ (more quality with best camera positionning) Does someone know a trick ? Otherwise, well, we'll keep a tiny gun on screen.

If a DEV can answer :p

Two people interested, sounds nice already :)
Type these into the chat in Spectator Mode:
  • /outline entente off

  • /outline central off

  • /outline dead off
That should remove the blue/red (and grey) outlines around the characters, IIRC.

If that doesn't work then type "/help" into the chat and that should have the exact command for the outlines.
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you made my day ! :D Thanks !
Update : I finished the writing of episode 1, 2 more to go ! :)
Update : I've done it ! :)

I finished writing. It will be 2 episodes long and will cover the basics of the game. I didn't want to push things too far, to let people create their own strategy afterwards.

But right now, most important things, i need actors. A LOT of actors :D I'll spread the word around and see who may be interested. Do not hesitate to do it either, i'll need as much help as i can get ! :)

If i have enough volunteer, i'll set a day when recording will be make, it should be a saturday or sunday (European Server btw) so everyon can join without many difficulties. I can also record it step by step on week.
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