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drewman Dec 19, 2018 @ 5:59pm
The Verdun 64 player bot mode and how it ruined the game
The adding of 64 player bot mode and new spawn screen has ruined Verdun. No one plays the none bot servers now. Verdun shouldn't have been turned into Tannenberg. It didn't need a bot mode. If you wanted to play with bots then get Tannenberg.

Bot killing feels effortless and kind of pointless unlike killing a real player which takes skill. It feels like the computer is playing against itself and you don't have much of an effect on the out come of the match. You don't really help capture the trench it's done for you. No strategy involved in capturing. While in the 32 player mode it takes real teamwork to win.

The new spawning screen makes it harder to advance and seems to be broken. Doesn't let you spawn forward. Didn't really fix spawn killing issues. Made it worse in another way by having to spawn farther away from the enemy trench.

Verdun isn't fun anymore. There's too many useless bots running around. It has changed the feel of playing with real players. Feels like a campaign mode where you just play against the computer. Your actions don't really help your team win. It's all done by the computer. It just feels like co-op mode. Verdun had a unique feel. The game was fun when it was just real people playing against each other. What you did mattered. So you had to teamplay to win. Now it's just mindless bot killing.
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Fabián Dec 19, 2018 @ 6:08pm 
Amen, bro.
twinny28 Dec 19, 2018 @ 11:33pm 
Originally posted by X:
64 players matches emphasize teamplay issues. Namely, a 4 player squad trying to flank can no longer have any effect in the outcome of the match.

You blame bots and this update way too much when actually this update just acts as a catalyst to problems that were already there BEFORE the update. If you don't know what catalyst means google it before sh*tposting. Just saying .... lol

I guess my point is your analysis as to why Verdun has lost something is totally wrong, but I agree that something is off.

It's not that bad imo, but team play mechanics really need to be revised.

For instance make squads larger, and do something about team balance. Since the update I've seen things like one team lacking 6 players and nobody notices because of all the bots. That happens regularly. It was never good cause people always ganged up on noobs and teams were unbalanced half the time, but now you don't even notice teams are off because of bots.

That being said, it's still one of my favorite online games.

But seriously, teamplay has always been an issue, it's just that now everything is multiplied by 2.

MMM flanking in WW1..... thats why trench warfare started. Only option is up the guts with plenty of smoke. Bots is cool because you can play by yourself and anyone else who joins is a bonus. Playing against players is better but bots are cool to.

Definitely for the better!!! I am an Aussie our servers were dead for ages any way.
Captain Eierstock Dec 20, 2018 @ 12:02am 
Sorry but if you think the bots in verdun are bad then you didnt play other multiplayergames that have bots in it. These are the best I've seen in recent times by multiplayer games ago. And with some hard working from the developers i think they will be even better. " If you wanted to play with bots then get Tannenberg." That makes no sense."Tannenberg" is only the "Verdun" version of the eastfront. It use the same engine, graphics etc. And the same gameplay only that Tannenberg didnt have much trenches. Some people like me dont like the eastfront. But some of us liked the idea to have bots in it so you can play it even when there is a low playerrate in the current time. And think about that why most of the players play on the bots servers?
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sp00ky Dec 20, 2018 @ 4:56am 
Originally posted by X6qPlayer:
These are the best I've seen in recent times by multiplayer games ago.

That is a bold statement. I have seen better, as of current games Day of Infamy comes to mind, specially the ones in coop mode. And for older games the perfect ones in a squad type game were the ones in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, in more arena games UT99 and UT2004 were great.

As for Day of Infamy, what I like is that bots are more programmed to be immersive rather than being fair or competitive. For example, bots with an MG have a margin of 1 or 2 seconds to spot you and mow you down with almost perfect accuracy (that coupled with the lines the soldier shout about "oh ♥♥♥♥ an MG! get down!") and forcing you to crawl down under cover. Same goes for snipers. This forces the players to rely on teamwork to overcome static defenses like that, flank or use smoke grenades to advance, even baiting and sniping works, and it makes coop VERY fun.

Bots on both Tannenberg and Verdun need improvement however. They are far too accurate at a distance. And what works for Tannenberg doesn't work for Verdun because on Tannenberg I see them using cover more effectively (altough not always), where they seem to completely ignore Verdun's trenches and stand on top of them very unrealistically. Also I have yet to see a bot use an automatic weapon on Verdun, but they use MGs on Tannenberg.

As for Tannenberg and Verdun, well I started playing tannenberg and I like it more, but I purchased Verdun when it released bots. I play it mainly because of the bots because otherwise I would not waste $$ on a game where to play I have either to endure 200 ping (I however play on US server regularly despite this) or play against 1 other guy from my side of the world.
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