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Maybe some map Somme 1918 with tanks?
Maybe 3-4 tanks per team for battle somme :) ? 1918
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Bishop Dec 1 @ 4:44am 
Tanks wont be added (outside of the wrecks already in game)
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thats sad :(
the current picardie map looks more like 1918 than 1916 to me. in my opinion the wrecked planes and tanks there makes the map more resemble Amiens 1918 than Beaumont-Hamel 1916.

if it were up to me to suggest ideas for a second picardie map i would remove the wrecks and research those places actually assaulted on July 1, 1916.

if the developers ever wanted to test a tank or two during some special event week, i imagine that the tank/s would be non-playable-characters lumbering towards some objective until they randomly break down. i also imagine that they would only move as fast as the current walking speed of infantry and that they would not open fire on targets unless fired upon. but even an NPC tank or two probably would not be effective in the game unless something else was introduced which would probably be more game-wrecking than the NPC tanks themselves--destructible terrain. if the tanks could remove barbed wire they would do something the actual tanks were rather good at before they broke down.

i definitely do not see any "tanks" in future Verdun similar to those in BF1 where some soldier can hop in the tank, drive it around, and fire weapons. the NPC tank which lumbers slowly towards some objective with random chances of breakdown would be about as far as i can imagine.
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Temujin Dec 1 @ 5:09am 
picardie is very weird. the first entente trench is called french jump-off line or soemthing, but in the secodn entente trench you have a line of british tanks...

i don't see how we could get tanks with the maps we have now. some are too small for 64 players, let alone tanks. also i can't imagine the tank physics work with the uneven ground on virtually every map.
to temujin:

about the only way i can imagine the NPC tanks moving about would be some rather predictable script to avoid deep shellholes and other major obstacles. for example, some tank on flanders would have to go around the mudholes. i suppose the script in one game would have the NPC tank go around the mudhole to the right and in a different game at random go around the mudhole to the left. adding random breakdown to the NPC tanks will not help them to be very unique after a few games. players will soon learn where the tanks are going and at what time X they will be at location Y and those players can send in the artillery every time.

an NPC tank might be fun for a special event week but i think people will soon bore with their predictable nature. they definitely would be fun the first time they appear since the players would not then know their script/s so i would reserve the NPC tank/s to some developer-inspired special event somewhat like the surprise of seeing wolves at tannenberg.

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This question regarding tanks comes up every month at least once, I guess. Since years.
the video link is currently broken, but the devs did have a nice tank moving about in verdun for an april fool's joke back in 2016. link, without the video of the horse and the tank is:

i used to rule out any tanks in Verdun. i now think after remembering how cool that tank video was that the developers could if they desired have some tank week special event similar to the wolves of tannenberg.
Wolves are comical and really do very little for Tannenberg in terms of playercount increases. The wolf truce is also pretty much just always ignored and is really just a disruption to gameplay. Alas though they are at least simplistic and at least applicable to the game without making major changes to facilitate their presence. Tanks cannot be easily added into Verdun and would require significant alterations to the game just to make their presence possible.

Verdun has never had tanks and it hopefully never will.
Can't Tanks be an enemy type in Squad Defence?
IamGroot Dec 4 @ 12:04pm 
Tanks should be made to fly so that we can get the authentic WW1 experience
drew. Dec 4 @ 1:30pm 
Originally posted by IamGroot:
Tanks should be made to fly so that we can get the authentic WW1 experience
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