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M1917 vs SMLE vs Lebel Reloading
one thing i really hate using the M1917 is the sixth round that gets inserted. i don't always want to do that and i'm forced to cancel the single bullet reload so i can start shootign sooner. with the SMLE you have two reloads for a total of ten rounds which is fine. at least you get five more reounds instead of just one with the M1917 for the additional reload animation meanign additional time i can't fire the rifle and time of vulnerability.

i mean just because the M1917 can hold an additional round doesn't mean i want to reload that single bullet every time, and i'm pretty sure that's not how it was done in the field either. now i'm aware i can cancel the reload, but why do i have to cancel somethign i don't want to do in the first place?

now in day of infamy if you reload your enfield with less than five rounds left in the magazine, you press reload and only reload a single stripper clip and the animation is done and you're good to go without having to top off the magazine or cancel reloadign additional individual bullets (which is still an option).

this is good game design and exactly how that's supposed to work. you go for the minimalistic reload first, and if you want to top off your magazine, you just press that reload button again. instead in verdun, we have to cancel a reload we don't want to happen in the first place.

now where does the lebel come into this? the tube magazine of the lebel holds eight rounds, but you can still insert a ninth bullet directly into the chamber, which is also how it was done back then. so why can you top off the M1917 and not the lebel? the lebel is already one of the worst rifles to use and it's further handicapped by a lack of a ninth round. just thought i brign that up again.
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7821874 Nov 29 @ 1:58pm 
Reload cancelling is literally clicking your left mouse button during reload, I don't see how this could possibly be an issue. I do it frequently with both the SMLE and the M1917, and the Lebel also, those few times I forget why I never use it.
I agree on the fact that the Lebel is awful because of its reload, but adding one round would simply result in making the whole animation even longer; in my opinion, the rifle would be much more attractive if the first round was inserted more rapidly than the others.
One could then stop the rest of the animation :steamhappy: and be immediately ready to fire.
I'm not very familiar with French doctrine, but I know that in some other countries that adopted tubular magazine rifles soldiers were to feed one round each time they fired and only use the ones in the magazine when need for rapid fire arose.
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