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Another nice video.
Some of us have been testing the limits of the Verdun game by trying private match commands expanding the 32 player default limit. I know some of you have seen videos made featuring over 100 players, but consider a situtaion which deals with the artillery and machinegun spam commonly seen in large matches.

Garysanderson made a video from the footsoldier point of view of a realistic event hosted by Ranjid. Both sides were limited in weapons, unlike most large events. Both sides were only allowed one lightmachinegun. Both sides only had at most three NCOs with call-in ability.

Although this is not the largest Verdun event with only between 40 and 50 playing at one time or another, it is unique in the respect of demonstating the fact that weapon restictions on mortars and lightmachineguns make for better large template games.

The video (real action starts around the 30 minute mark):
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