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M2H_Matt  [developer] Jun 21 @ 8:26am
Opentesting FMOD Feedback Round 4
We have listened to your previous feedback and made adjustments to sounds. What we changed is as followed:
  • Tweaked weapon sound timing
  • Reduced performance impact of FMOD
  • Adjusted LMG and Pistol fire sounds so they sound less monotone and have more distinguishing between each unique weapon
  • Tree branch rustle sounds less crispy

We now are looking for another round of feedback on the upcoming sound overhaul in both Verdun and Tannenberg.

YOU NEED TO BE ON OPENTESTING IN ORDER TO HAVE THE LATEST SOUNDS. You can join the testing by adding the following to your launch options: FMOD FMOD_WIP
Note: make sure you are on the opentesting version!

How to add launch options:

This topic is not ment to discuss the sounds in general but only to report your feedback and bug reports. Discussions threads can be made separately. To keep things organised you can only reply with the following format:

+ Love the new footsteps sounds
- Springfield reload is too soft in volume

- Muffled sound stays on after dying.

Keep in mind that the sounds are still WIP and we can adjust/change where needed.
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+ I really appreciate the new different sounds, you are almost there,but...

- The pistol sounds are still too similar each other and rifle sounds not that different too (only the Lee Enfield and few others have a very unique sound)

- There are still missing some sounds, like the RSC 17 when opening the chamber (almost silent action in game)

- I think the Springfield bolt action sound is too similar to the Mosqueton one

-The reload animations of MG 08/15, 08/18, and bergman LMG are synchronized with the sound, but they could be synchronized a little better

? I hope the new teaks are still historical accurate
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+ Every new sound of weapon are pretty good
+ no more weird repeat sound at the Lebel
+ grenades much higher volume
+ arty much higher volume
+ almost every sound is now synchron with the animations
+ the private chat commands like: setroomsize 128 players / setpermanentattacker entente/central / /setsquadtypes (if I forgott one I am very sorry)
+ general arty and grenades have good new sounds (see more on negative points)
+ Sound of german Stielhandgranate is much better and the volume is much higher

- The new MG sounds are good but for me still sounds like all the same
- pistol sounds are still to similar ech other and rifles have similar sounds too
- the new footsteps are great but the old one was better (maybe a mix of that?)
- arty sounds could have a bit more different sounds
- same for greandes


- setpermanentattacker is still buggy. Work only with other opentester. Without opentester do not work that
- if I end Verdun and go on desktop and want to start after a break Tannenberg, I must make an 1,6GB update. Same if I made then the update for Tannenberg, play, end that game and start on desktop with steam Verdun then again 1,6Gb update (ingame work all well, only desktop is an issuse)
- setsquadtypes is still buggy too

All in all thats a great thing with opentesting!
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+ New footstep sounds are great
+ some guns that were unusable for me because of the sounds are amazing now (Lee Enfield mk3, m1911 for example)
+ New gun sounds are mostly good the mgs need some work

- putting the new mag into the m1911 has no sound
- the springfield bolt gets really repetitive make it more like the lee enfield bolt

Will edit if I have anymore feedback
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